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Demon Cop Car

840 HP Dodge Demon Cop Car Would Be The Meanest Thing On Street

Imagine the possibilities of The 840hp Demon Cop Car

Updated June 27, 2017

All of us gearheads have been waiting for this – an awesome Dodge Demon cop car. Ok, it did not happen yet in the real world, but this rendered version certainly gave us a lot to think about. 3D rendering artist Aksyonov Nikita envisioned the cop Challenger Demon by giving it all a cop car would need. That includes flashing lights, sirens, side lights and even an awesome exterior paint job combining black and white. With pursuit, of course, written in black letters on a white background.

Demon Cop Car

Italian and German Police Actually Use Fast Sports Cars

Sure, having a Dodge Demon cop car would be a great asset to any police department, but not in a squad car capacity. See, these cars definitely serve best as attractions for reaching out to the community and communicating police dedication to serve and protect. That is why Riverside Police Department got that cool Saleen Mustang with a 730 hp engine.

Demon Cop Car

Also, Texans revitalized that awesome drag race ready Corvette Z06 they actually seized back in 2011. Outside our borders, one may see that Italian Police Lamborghini Huracan or Dubai Police Department Supercar collection. All of these definitely look awesome and badass. Yet, it seems that only Italian and German police actually uses supercars for anything more than just promotional purposes.

Dodge Demon Cop car could be the fastest accelerating police car in the world

Demon Cop Car

As far as this Dodge Demon cop car goes, Nikita added some extras to it. Like a fine bull bar and cool police lights at the front grill. It does look rather mean.

Demon Cop Car

Regardless of its police-car nature, the Dodge Demon continues with a 840hp engine making it the fastest accelerating production car you may buy at this point in time. Probably apart from the Bugatti Chiron, but we cannot compare these two, can we now!? So, cracking 60 mph in 2.3 seconds won’t be a walk in the park. The Demon would need some additional features available as part of the Crate option. Is it expensive? Well, you may read all about it here where we did publish all the relevant pricing details about the Dodge Demon.


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