1942 Dodge Power Wagon is Restored into the Ultimate Hill Climber

Feast Your Eyes On This One Of A Kind 1942 Dodge Power Wagon

Updated October 4, 2018

This 1942 Dodge Power Wagon 6X6 has been completely modified and restored making it the ultimate one of a kind off-road beast. The chassis that it is built on is from a 1942 WW2 Troop Transporter that has been fitted with a completely new custom body and cab. The end result is a low horsepower; high-torque 6-wheel drive truck that weighs over eight thousand pounds. The build was completed by Wyoming-based Legacy Classic Trucks.

1942 Dodge Power Wagon Restoration 1

The body and cab were built from various years and models of different Power Wagons. The bed is a complete fabrication specifically built to accommodate this unique dual rear drive axle configuration.

1942 Dodge Power Wagon Restoration 2

The power plant that propels this climb anything machine is a 4 cylinder 3.9-liter Cummins diesel with a basic stock turbocharger. The motor generates approximately 120 horsepower that is all about the extreme torque level that it produces. The Dodge is also equipped with a newer 5-speed manual synchronized transmission. The top speed of this unique vehicle is approximately sixty miles per hour and it probably takes a minute to get there.

The Interior has also been completely restored incorporating bucket seats, custom gauges, and air conditioning.

The exterior features include a complete restoration with custom fenders, running boards and heavy-duty bumpers. A high-capacity winch was also installed that will most likely be utilized to facilitate other off-road vehicles because this one will never get stuck.

Basically; everything on this Dodge Power wagon is brand new inside and out with great attention to detail on every aspect of the build. This Video was featured on Jay Leno’s Garage and explains the complete project in detail. Enjoy!

1942 Dodge Power Wagon Restoration 3

1942 Dodge Power Wagon Restoration 4

1942 Dodge Power Wagon Restoration 5

1942 Dodge Power Wagon Restoration 6

1942 Dodge Power Wagon Restoration 7



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