Dodge Unveils the 2017 Ram Power Wagon

Updated August 6, 2016

With gas prices at an all time low, it looks like we are entering a new golden age of trucks. Cheap gas and the success of vehicles like the Ford Raptor have motivated manufacturers to be a bit bolder when outfitting their pickups and 4x4s.


Instead of directly competing with the Raptor, which is  Baja-inspired 4×4 pickup, Dodge is aiming to make the most capable off-road vehicles for places where you’re more likely to be driving over logs than sand dunes. The Ram Rebel is a nice step up from the basic Ram pickup for customers seeking a bit more oomph, but those looking for a hardcore off-roader were not quite satisfied. And they knew what they wanted Dodge to make.


The Power Wagon has been legendary ever since the 1970s Ram Power Wagon offered customers unmatched durability and capability. The new model is based on the Ram 2500 HD and includes some seriously impressive hardware to match the bold bodywork.


The 6.4 liter Hemi V8 sends a healthy 410 horsepower and 429 lb-ft. of torque to all four wheels via electronically-lockable differentials that can prevent any wheel slip at the flip of a switch. That’s not all: to keep the 33″ wheels in check the front suspension can articulate significantly more than a regular pickup thanks to a system that can disconnect the sway bar when necessary.


Towing capacity is over 10,000 pounds and there is a 12,000 pound Warn winch embedded in the front bumper of the Ram Power Wagon. Additions like a winch and high-articulation suspension on a truck as large as this one is a bold move for Dodge, but considering they are reportedly aiming to be the off-road truck leader, it’s not all that surprising.


For a lot of people, buying this truck will be a no-brainer. If you live in an area where this level of off-road performance is necessary, you already know. It isn’t a silly toy to take down to the sandpit for some donuts. No, this is a workhorse. If this truck were a person if would be chopping down trees to build a log cabin with its bare hands. It would then sit in that cabin and clean its guns while watching hockey. This truck looks like it is going to be awesome, let’s just hope that Dodge doesn’t screw it up.



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