Dodge Viper does 6.5 sec Quarter Mile On Russian Dragstrip (Video)

Published July 16, 2016

Drag racing is becoming increasingly popular in Russia. It’s by no means new (the first Russian drag race reportedly took place in 1909), but proper ¼ mile dragging has been a bit of a ‘sleeper sport’ in the land of vodka and fur hats.

But things are changing, and if the Dodge Viper shown in this clip is any indication, Russia is well on its way to becoming a dragster hotspot. They’ve got so much open space, just imagine the possibilities!

Dodge Viper Is Burning Up Russian Dragstrips

Back to the Viper: it’s a Pro Mod and we can pretty much guarantee there’s little, if any, original equipment under that Viper skin. The clip shows the flamed-up Dodge passing the ¼ mile mark in 6.5 seconds and, according to the team, it was actually running in down-tuned mode due to the short track. Apparently the Viper’s best time is 5.7 seconds, which is around one second slower than the world record for a Pro Mod ¼ mile. It’s not a winner yet, but it’s still impressive.

Dodge Viper Is Burning Up Russian Dragstrips Image 01 Another impressive Russian is a privately-owned Godzilla that laid down a ¼ Mile time of 7.7 seconds toward the end of last year. What makes this Nissan GTR stand out is the fact that it’s still street legal, and not Pro Mod. That means there are some serious contenders (with a lot of cash) hanging around the track.

This Seriously Awesome Pro Mod Dodge Viper Is Burning Up Russian Dragstrips

Their choice of cars and the ¼ Mile results we’ve seen so far indicate they’re investing wisely and are determined to bring Russian drag racing to the international arena. We can only hope they’re successful and that the popularity of Russian drag racing continues to increase because we’d love to see what these guys come up with next. If we’re lucky, this Dodge Viper is just a taste and there will be plenty more where it came from.

Dodge Viper Is Burning Up Russian Dragstrips Image 02



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