Does Nissan Rogue Work As An X-Wing?

Nissan Rogue X-Wing Looks Admittedly Badass

Updated October 16, 2018

OK, we all know the commercial ties between the Nissan Rogue and the Star Wars Rogue One story. Nissan went one step ahead at the Chicago Auto Show depicting the Rogue as an X-Wing fighter. Only without wings, unfortunately. Rigged with a cool paint job, massive X-wing thrusters by the sides and awesome blasters under them, this isn’t your standard Rogue. It does look interesting, if not convincing. And it stands under a giant Death Star hanged above it. Awesome.

Nissan Rogue X-Wing Front 3/4

Now, Nissan tried to do this the right way. That paint job isn’t just a foil wrap. Oh no. They actually hired artists who made the whole thing by hand. And then there’s the droid. Ok, it’s not R2 D2, but it moves around, lights up, probably says something too. As Nissan had serious ties with the Lucasfilm for their last movie, they also tried to cash in on this Star Wars frenzy. Stormtroopers at the Chicago Auto Show, an inflatable Death Star, a whole X-Wing themed Rogue all paved the way for the special edition Rogue. It’s called the 2017 Nissan Rogue Star Wars Edition. Not that it comes with thrusters, the droid, and blasters, but it’s a cool addition to the lineup.

Nissan Rogue X-Wing Rer 3/4

Ok, the Rogue may not be the best bet for acting as an X-Wing, but Nissan has to make as much money as possible, and, after all, the Rogue bears the same name as the Rogue One Star Wars Story. So, it was a no-brainer.

Nissan Rogue X-Wing Side Profile

What we would like to see is the GT-R dressed like this. Ouu, boy, that car could be a magnificent X-Wing thing.

Nissan Rogue X-Wing Front View

Nissan Star Wars themed Rogue already exists

For all of you who want a Star Wars themed car, head to the Nissan showroom and order the Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition package for the Rogue. The package sells for $1990. It features a black exterior trim, black roof rails, and a clear rear bumper protector wearing a Star Wars logo. Also, choose between the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance logo. Two paint options are available, though neither of them is the one shown on this awesome Rogue X-Wing from Chicago. Choose between Magnetic Black and Glacier White. Nissan capped the production of the Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition to 4000 units. Hurry up.

Nissan Rogue X-Wing Rear


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