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Dom’s 1970 Dodge Charger RT has always been “Fast &; Furious”!

Dom’s Charger Is One Of The Most Iconic Cars From The Fast & The Furious Franchise

The famous 1970 Dodge Charger belonging to Dominick (Dom) Toretto is an iconic part of the Fast & Furious movie series and has found its way into many of the films.

Driven hard, destroyed, and rebuilt is the cycle for Vin Diesel’s favorite muscle car used in the Fast and Furious movies, but it seems to be the car of choice for his character Dom to drive. He makes no bones about it that he is an American muscle car fan to the core. Dom’s Charger even makes another appearance in the latest installment of the Fast films, Furious 7 set to release in theaters on April 3rd. You can bet that the Charger will play a major role in the newest film. Spy photos and movie trailers have even shown it sporting large knobby/off-road tires, however, rumor has it Dom’s 70 Charger RT will also appear in Furious 7 in the iconic trim we have come to know……fat tires out back and skinnies up front and yes, it will do wheelie burnouts.

The backstory on the famous Charger tells us that it was a father-son project with Dom and his dad when he was younger. With 900 plus horsepower, the classic muscle car once held a ¼ mile record of 9 seconds flat and as Dom proves throughout the series, it will get you in and out of trouble just as quick! We learn in the first Fast and Furious movie (2001) that after Dom’s father is forced into a wall at 120 mph while racing and dies, Dom restores the car but has been afraid to drive it.  When he finally drives it to give chase after his friend Jesse has been gunned down, he takes out the killers and sets up for the most iconic ¼ mile movie race in history. Brian (played by the late Paul Walker) and Dom (Vin Diesel) blast past the train track to avoid an oncoming train just before Dom swipes a semi-truck and destroys his Charger.

As a treat we also get to see Dom drive a new Black Dodge SRT8 Challenger in the opening scene during the Fast and Furious 6 movie. He races Brian in his Silver Nissan GTR in an epic game of cat and mouse racing along the cliffs Canary Islands, Spain.

Dodge has been involved with the series since the beginning and Dodge officials have said “Dodge fuels the passions of the automotive enthusiast. Our innovative vehicles stand apart in performance and style, providing our customers with a way to express who they are and what they can do in the world”.

On a side note, Bob Hartwig (Movie Car Collector) actually purchased the ‘70 Charger RT used in a number of the Fast and Furious movies including the first movie and was borrowed by Universal Pictures for the fifth installment.  The car was driven in that movie by the late Paul Walker. With the tragic death of Paul Walker who has starred as Brian O’Conner in all of the Fast and Furious movies, many questions still have not been answered. Most fans of the series want to know if they will continue with an eighth installment and there are also recent rumors that Vin Diesel may not return as Dominick Toretto.

Whether the series continues or not, the iconic Black ‘70 Dodge Charger RT will live on as a part of movie history and any time we see one it will be hard not to think of Dom and the Fast and Furious movie series.

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