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Dongfeng’s next self developed car will be Nissan Tiida based

Published June 21, 2010

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Nissan have been very generous to their joint venture partner, Dongfeng, as they have granted them the use of the popular Nissan Tiida platform on which to build their next self developed model.

Dongfengs entry into the self developed automobile industry has lagged behind other state manufacturers, however with some serious platforms and technologies under their belts it is expected that they will make quick advances into the market, although they are largely lagging behind the likes of Chery and Geely.

Previously it was rumored that the last generation of Nissan Sunny was to become a Dongfeng self developed vehicle, instead Nissan are planning to bring the car back from the grave and breath new life into it.

According to Dongfeng Nissan from its launch until February 2010 the Tiida range has already sold 600,000 units in China and over 60% of its internals are locally sourced, which means that this platform will be a great head start for Dongfengs own car ambitions.




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