Drag and Drive with the Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Updated January 31, 2017

Smoking while you’re driving in your car is a really unhealthy, bad idea. In fact, it is poisonous. And, even if you drove with the windows down and the air conditioning cranked, you’d still have a severely unhealthy level of toxins in the air. With children it can be way worse. And, that is why we’re starting to see so many states starting to issue bans on smoking in automobiles when children are inside the car. But there are alternatives to smoking in the car. The benefits of electronic cigarettes will make your drive a healthier one.

Traditional smokes are made from not just tobacco. There is all kinds of other things like tar, and numerous chemicals that are serious health risks. So, what can you do if you don’t want to give up smoking while you’re in the car? Many folks enjoy a few drags while they’re driving. And, with the smokeless cig, you can still do it. Except, its called vaping. With the e cigarette, you don’t have to worry about any tobacco, tar, or any of those hard to pronounce chemicals that are in tobacco cigs.

But, they do contain nicotine in a pure, liquid form. Its not the nicotine that fills your car with toxin smoke. Its the tar, the fire, smoke, and tobacco that is the problem. You can get the nicotine you want and not have any smoke at all. Yes, I said it. There is no smoke! Instead, this groovy gadget gives off water vapor. To get started, you’ll want to grab a starter kit. You can get everything you need to start vaping here

How does it work? Basically, its a battery operated mini humidifier. There’s a battery that gives power to an atomizer which heats up the liquid nicotine in the cartridge. And, when you take a drag you’re breathing in the vaporized nicotine. It even gives off a “smokey” looking vapor. You’ll get all the feel, taste, and throat hit, you’re used to with your old cigs but you won’t have to worry about all the dangers of driving and smoking.

Some of us like to smoke not for the nicotine, but for tactile reasons. We just like to have something in our hand. And for those folks, you can even get the e cig without nicotine. You see, the cartridges are replaceable. So, you can order them in various strenghts ranging from regular strength to no nicotine at all. So you can literally enjoy the sensation of smoking without all the negative affects of the smoke or the need for nicotine.

Another big plus to the smokeless cig for drivers is that you can puff a couple times and then put it away. Think about how much money you throw away when you get to your destination half way through a cig only to throw the rest away! The battery just shuts off on the ecig when you’re not using it. And you’ll get way more for your money as well. One e-cig is the equivalent of 1.5 to 2 packs of tobacco smokes. You’ll be driving in healthier conditions and saving money. The batteries are rechargeable. So, if its getting low, simply plug in the battery into your car adapter and you’re good to go. A good starter kit will give you everything you need to charg and vape anywhere. You’ll cut down on litter by not throwing all those cigarette butts out the window.

Smoking in the car is a terrible idea. But with the benefits of electronic cigarettes you don’t have to give up the feel and touch of smoking to avoid all the health risks of tradional cigs.

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