Dream or Nightmare: Custom mid-engine ’63 Stingray

Published April 12, 2015

It’s difficult to find a car more polarizing than the V7 Corvette, a restomod Chevy rebuilt into a mid-engined configuration. There are those who love the audacity of the concept, and applaud the builder for creating what General Motors hasn’t (though they’ve hinted they would several times over many years). That is, build an actual mid-engined Corvette.
On the other side of the aisle, both Corvette purists and those who appreciate fine automobile design abhor the V7. The proportions, they say, are wrong. The car ends up with the proportions of a Corvair or worst yet, a Karmann Ghia. The wheelbase should be longer, the windshield tipped back, and the design features altered to better suit the shape, they say.
In either case, there’s no shortage of supporters or detractors willing to take on the fight. A little more on the body:
The cab forward design of the V7 allows the engine to be viewed through the original rear windows openings. Stretching the rear quarters panels forms functional air intakes that aid in cooling and help generate aerodynamic grip.
One enters the cockpit through what the builders call “suislide” articulating door system that works a bit like sliding doors in a minivan. The original Sting Ray dash humps have been fitted with Auto Meter gauges. Adjacent to the steering wheel are paddle shifters for the transmission. The cabin is fitted with race-style seating with a five-point harness system. Conveniences include power windows, heater and air conditioning. The car was built without an audio system, as the owners preferred to listen to the twin turbos “spooling up” .
Here’s the scoop on the mechanicals: A custom tube dual ladder frame forms the base, fitted with a fully adjustable suspension. Stoppong power is provided by six-piston calipers with cross-drilled rotors. All this rolls on custom HRE wheels clad with Michelin’s widest production-based rubber. The V7 is powered by a Chevrolet LS twin turbo V-8 engine that’s been dyno’d  at 1,000 HP and 915-lb/ft of torque. Zero to 60 times of 3 seconds are reported.


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