DTE Systems Just Gave The Volkswagen Amarok BiTDI A Slight Power Hike

Published June 8, 2015

Although this isn’t even close to the mental VelociRaptor or any G63 AMG 6×6, the Volkswagen Amarok tuned by DTE Systems (the same people who did this to the C63 AMG)  was just released. Showing its teeth to the world, the DTE Systems Amarok isn’t actually much different than the stock car. It looks basically the same, with only minor exterior improvements such as the addition of new wheels.


For all of you not acquainted with the Amarok, that is a Volkswagen built pick-up truck released in 2010 in South America and in 2011 in Europe. As a 207 inch long machine, the Amarok is the biggest Volkswagen vehicle of this type ever. While it isn’t available in the US, the car is rather successful on other markets where it’s sold. Available in many different configurations, the Amarok is on a good path to reach the US market in its second iteration, but that is still a far of speculation for now.


Nevertheless, the pick-up truck powered by small Volkswagen built diesel engines just got a much needed power hike. The one equipped with the 2.0 BiTDI engine was the subject of tuning, but DTM System didn’t want to do anything too radical with it. Actually, the modern two liter BiTDI engine is quite interesting. While it can be mated with the driving tech in the Passat where it develops almost incredible 240 HP, this one, in the Amarok is limited at 180 HP. We really would like to see this 240 HP engine in the Golf. Maybe, they’d create a Golf TDI which is even faster than the Golf GTI. A few concepts were revealed at the Worthersee so we actually had the opportunity to see this engine in a special Golf Variant.


DTM Systems created a special tuning chip which after it is installed changes the mapping and tells the central computer to tweak the fuel and air mixture for better maximum power output. The results aren’t spectacular, but the Amarok 2.0 BiTDI gets additional 30 HP and additional 30 lb ft of torque. So, the maximum power after the chip tuning rises to 210 HP and to 340 lb ft of torque. The real mystery here is why didn’t DTE System up the power to 240 HP!? It seems that the two liter diesel engine used by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles isn’t quite the same as that one used by Volkswagen. Slightly different compression ratios, a bit different turbine and special mapping made the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle engine slightly different with a limited maximum power output achieved by simple chip tuning.


All in all, the Amarok packs a bit better punch right now and DTE System reports that they’ve even lowered fuel consumption by unbelievable 15 percent. We find that hard to believe, but some credibility to it is definitely given by the certificate of conformity and a comprehensive warranty.



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