The Dubai Police Dept., The Real Life NFS Rivals. Sort Of.

Updated August 12, 2014

 What’s Good everybody? Today we’re going to take a brief look at something that has been popping it’s official head in, and out of the world of automotive news. The Dubai Police dept. If you don’t already know what they have going on, let me clue you in.

dubai-police-supercars So, to really, really help any of you out there understand, and or get grasp of the gravity of what the Dubai Police Dept represents, let me give you this clear cut example. Need For Speed Rivals, or to take it back a little further. How does Need For Speed Hot Pursuit ring your bell? Well, these two video games are being referenced simply because the Dubai Police Dept., has brought that high powered, teenager’s automotive wet dream to real life.

 With that introduction out of the way, we move to why this elite driving force has been brought to life. Well, apparently Dubai IS the Brabus-Mercedes-G63-AMG-Dubai-Police-Car-4place to go if you either have stock in oil, or have a few million laying around your palace, and were bored enough to go to a place where the abundance of sand, and sun is ridiculous. In Dubai, money is something that does more than represent the extremely wealthy, it provides a means of obtaining vehicular status symbols, for in my opinion, are nothing more than pure examples of, “Mines is Better Than Yours” syndrome. But don’t let a sheik hear you say that, because you just might be kicked out of the country for insulting his pride. Nevertheless, the abundance of money, and healthy egos normally translates into someone buying a Lamborghini, or a Ferrari, or a very fast Mercedes Benz, and like in any country, if you have a couple of guys feeling froggy, a race or two is going to take place. Between the high revving aluminum engines, the screeching tires, and the low slung light weight bodies zooming from corner to corner, Dubai streets were turning into a veritable Fast & Furious movie set.



 Enter the Dubai Police Department. Now when you read this list of “Pursuit” cars, you will swear I’m lying, but just look at the pics.

  1. 2013 Chevy Camaro SS: 426Hp – $45,000
  2. 2013 Ferrari FF: 660Hp – $315,000
  3. 2013 Lamborghini Aventador: 700Hp – $410,000
  4. 2013 Mercedes Benz SLS: 622Hp – $220,000
  5. 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500: 660Hp – $65,000
  6. 2013 Bugatti Veyron: 1,156Hp – $1,650,000
  7. 2013 McLaren MP4-12C: 616Hp – $250,000
  8. 2013 Bentley Continental GT: 589Hp – $190,000
  9. 2013 Aston Martin One-77: 750Hp – $1,600,000
  10. 2013 Nissan GTR: 560Hp – $110,000
  11. 2013 Audi R8 V10 Plus: 530Hp – $350,000

Now, by looking at this list, you would swear that this was a list of cars that are in a DSC_3425Need For Speed game, and have nothing to do with actual law enforcement. Keep in mind that the Dubai Police Department are still considering on adding more vehicles to their highly expensive, and ultra modern squad of vehicular justice. The bottom line is, these cars are nothing more than a pure representation of money, and power. Apparently the people in charge feel that spending millions of dollars on high horse powered cars, and green striped paint work, think that this will stop drivers from showing off their manly man hoods to each other on the street. Personally, I think doing this was really pointless. The BMW’s and Nissan’s that they already had were good enough to do Ferrari-FF-Dubai-Police-3the job, but when you have millions of dollars at your disposal, why not dress up a Veyron, or a One 77 for shits & giggles. I mean when you’re on patrol in your Veyron, and you’ve been driving for about an hour or so, and then a perpetrator runs a red light right in front of you, what do you do? Do you call for back up and go fill your tank in preparation for a short lived car chase, or do you run the risk of chasing someone down, to only run out of gas before back up arrives? Do you see where I’m going with this? I mean in the Camaro, and the Mustang, a PITT maneuver may be possible, but there will never be any real fender to fender contact with this crew. These cars are simply too pretty, too expensive, and should only be touched by some well paid, and experienced detail specialist.

dubai-police-supercars-explained-the-full-story-59696_7 So here’s where I stand on this subject folks. The Dubai Police Department has done, and accomplished something that no other police department could ever do. There’s a few Ferrari’s, and Porsche’s, and BMW’s that roam around Europe snatching up criminals, and chasing down bad guys, but none of those precincts, including my own New York’s Finest, have anything close to what the Dubai PD has going on. With that said, we as readers, and car lovers, and gamers, can only dream of situations like this. Me personally, I don’t like being pulled over by the police, and even if my taillight was out, and a Bentley with flashing lights comes up behind me, I’m still not going to be that impressed. Because at the end of the day, your doing nothing more than patrolling the city, and giving photo ops to those who are simply amazed that an actual video game idea has been brought to real life.


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