Dubuc Motors Strives to be Tesla With Tomahawk

Introducing The Electric Tomahawk From Dubuc Motors!

Updated October 2, 2018

New car companies have come and gone throughout the more than 100 years there have been cars. Still, they keep trying. People are encouraged to reach for the brass ring because of the successes like Tesla Motors.

Here’s a story about a new carmaker that is striving to be the next Tesla. They’re called Dubuc Motors, a North American company with offices in Menlo Park, California and Quebec, Canada. They has just introduced a new electric sports car called Tomahawk, which has been thoroughly researched and developed for 12 years and they are looking for investors to help finance its development and consumers who want to reserve one before it is officially offered.

Dubuc Motors Tomahawk 1

Dubuc Motors Tomahawk 2

Up to now, the company has funded their project with more than $25 million they raised from a crowdfunding website called EngineStart. No doubt, some of the money was used to produce a flashy presentation in which the car is featured in the typical car beauty shots and a narrator claims that the Tomahawk is “the fastest sports car yet” and that it will “change everything we know about cars.”

Dubuc describes the car as having an “American design,” but, as you can see, the 2+2 all-wheel-drive EV looks more like your standard futuristic sports car.

Dubuc Motors Tomahawk 3It is constructed of aluminum with an aluminum sport double wishbone suspension that is air adjustable. The company claims that this is the first car in the industry to feature an aluminum tube and monocoque structure and the first car manufactured in North America with bonded chassis technology.

Dubuc Motors touts some jaw dropping performance figures in their pitch. For example, they claim that the Tomahawk can achieve 0-60 mph in just three seconds and that the car has a top speed of 160 mph (257 km/h). They also claim that this EV has a range of 300-miles (480 km).

Dubuc Motors Tomahawk 4

According to Dubuc Motors, production and commercialization of the car will begin in 2017. Although they did not reveal the cost of the vehicle, some estimate that could fall in the range of $100,000.


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