Maria Motorcycles’ “Bloody Fang” Ducati GT 1000

This Is A Seriously Impressive Ducati GT 1000 Custom!

Updated August 9, 2018

This beast is aptly called the ‘Blood Fang’ – a track friendly and brutally ferocious Ducati GT 1000. It’s retro in design but futuristic in execution, turn up to your next track day on this thing and you’re sure to attract more attention than you bargained for. For the discerning Ducatisti, feast your Italian loving eyes on this!

Maria Motorcycles Ducati GT 1000 1

Before going straight into the details behind this build, it’s worth noting that the GT 1000 is a damn cool machine in its own, pre-tampered, right. It was a full on, powerful, factory built and endorsed café racer with all of the modern accoutrements hidden underneath it’s classic styling. Strangely, it wasn’t a big winner in the sales department and production barely lasted four full years. Through those four years though, the GT 1000 went through a series of looks, from solo seat and racing tail to passenger friendly sports touring models. Finding one today is pretty hard work, making a custom job a real rarity!

Maria Motorcycles Ducati GT 1000 2

Anyway, back to the job in hand: this is a custom GT 1000, made by the Maria Riding Company from Lisbon, Portugal. On the surface, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Maria were just another surf and motorcycle brand with a penchant for scramblers but when you look a little closer, you’ll realize that this Portuguese outfit is more than a fashion brand. They’re a proper custom company, with a talent for tuning engines, fabricating bodywork and getting their hands dirty. They just have the benefit of a trendy logo and a modern design team! I don’t know what it is with Portugal at the moment but when you look at Rock Solid, Yellowood, Dream Wheels Heritage and their builds, it’s a country worth keeping a closer eye on. The Portuguese really know what they’re doing!

Maria Motorcycles Ducati GT 1000 3

The Bloody Fang Ducati GT 1000 By Maria Motorcycles

First things first, Maria’s client was lucky enough to find himself a next to new GT 1000 with less than a handful of miles on the clock and tasked Maria with re-imagining the Ducati as a proper race and track capable appearance, with a few necessary upgrades to boot.

Maria Motorcycles Ducati GT 1000 4

To get the nail the aesthetics in one fell swoop, Maria scored a front race fairing and tail piece from the US, twinned with a tank and mounting bracket pulled straight from the 2006 Paul Smart Limited Edition line of GTs and managed to fuse it all together, using a beautifully tailored seat as the lynchpin. The side covers and front guard are from the stock model, and the only other major front end change comes in the form of the bars, which were swapped for clip-ons and matching grips from LSL. To make it a little more track friendly, the mirrors and lights were also scrapped. To keep things a bit more legal, Maria installed a tiny fog light into the fairing, which seriously gives the Ducati a powerful look.

Maria Motorcycles Ducati GT 1000 5

With the main shape of the GT 1000 sorted, Maria turned their attention to the Ducati GT 1000s overall performance. Since the engine was already in prime condition, they didn’t tamper with it; instead, they treated it with a new two into one Termignoni exhaust system and remapped the ECU – they outsourced this job to Pietro Gianesin of GMP Racing.

Maria Motorcycles Ducati GT 1000 6

Since the engine was as good as it could possibly be, the guys took a closer look at the suspension and riding position, to really maximize their clients riding experience. The front forks were tuned to match both the rider’s weight and personal preferences and the rear was treated with a Bitubo setup.

Maria Motorcycles Ducati GT 1000 7

Finally, it was time for the paintwork. According to Maria’s Luis Correia: . “Our major objective was to create a racing design, but with glamour and style. Kind of a new take on the concept of sponsor stickers and racing stripes.” And they certainly succeeded. Now the Ducati GT 1000 wears an aggressive black, white and red color scheme, with subtle hints of blue dotted about.

It’s a serious custom, with a serious look. We’d love to see it perform on the track some day!


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