Ducati Monster 1200

Ducati Monster 1200 Takes Riding Sensations To A Brand New Level

Published January 29, 2015

Ducati Monster 1200 has three major characteristics that should make you sit down and take notice. First, it comes from Ducati, which means that you can count on quality, durability and aggression. Second, this model is a naked motorcycle, which ensures a lightweight and very detailed profile. Finally, it is named “Monster”, which tells everything about it. Most people naturally assume that the more powerful a car or a motorcycle is, the less comfortable and user friendly it is. You need a lot of experience, as well as plenty of self control, right?

Well, this is actually wrong. While this is, indeed, an unwritten rule, there are plenty of exceptions too. Ducati Monster 1200 is probably one of the representative ones. The Italian manufacturer has tried to come up with a powerful brute that is also very intuitive, comfortable and rider friendly. Given its experience and dedication, it has actually succeeded to do it by the book.

Ducati Monster 1200 The Ultimate

The entire venture begins with an exquisite engine. The monster’s heart measures 1,198cc and is V-twin “shaped”. The Testastretta 11 degree Dual Spark engine was used on a few other models too and it seriously impressed its audience. It can support an exquisite top speed of 140MPH, which is more than enough for any rider out there. However, the speed is not everything. In fact, the engine is mostly appreciated for the torque. Practically, the power is aggressively delivered even at low revs. For example, you can run at 4,500 rotations per minute and you will still enjoy more than 85% of the whole torque.

Ducati Monster 1200 II

Ducati Monster 1200 comes with an innovative ride-by-wire technology. Its primary purpose is to link the throttle to the engine. The high level of customization gives riders the possibility to ride in three different modes – urban, sport and touring. The urban riding mode is limited to 100BHP. The other two modes go up to 135BHP. If you choose the touring mode, the engine provides power in a very progressive manner. In simple words, the motorcycle is less aggressive. The respective modes are responsible for adjusting the ABS as well, which is extremely helpful in riding a powerful motorcycle. The same goes for the traction control. All in all, switching between modes is done with a simple button on the left handlebar. You can do it while riding too.

Ducati Monster 1200 Back

The high level of customization is obviously very impressive. Feel free to try out the cockpit display layout too. For instance, if you ride in the sport mode, you might want the rev counter to be central. These are small details that may not necessarily make it to your priorities, but they will clearly add to your personal joy. Ducati Monster 1200 can perform excellently at both low and high speeds. Riding is comfortable because of the adjustable seat. The rider is relatively close to the front wheel, so you almost feel like being on the road. This feeling cannot be described in words, but you will most likely fall in love with it.

Ducati Monster 1200 Side



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