Ducati Reveals Their INTERMOT Line Up: Introducing the SuperSport!

Published October 1, 2016

We were going to continue the theme of “Trade Show Speculation” but Ducati have jumped the gun and have already “pre-announced” what they’re going to be showcasing at INTERMOT. They won’t be showing off everything though, as the Italian manufacturer is keeping a few aces up its sleeve for their home show in Milan, but you’ll be pleased to know that Ducati will be showcasing their brand new SuperSport next week. We’ll start by talking about the eagerly anticipated SuperSport revival, but we’ll also cover the rest of Ducati’s planned 2017 models further down…


“Fun, versatile and accessible, with true Ducati sports styling and zest, the SuperSport promises exciting, fun riding sensations while ensuring everyday comfort and easy handling whatever the roads are like. An innovative leap that, even before its debut, has won widespread support and aroused considerable interest; at Cologne, the SuperSport is set to steal the limelight to say the least.”

Thanks to a few opportunist photographers, we’ve already seen a few cheeky spy shots of Ducati’s SuperSport, sneakily snapped at the World Ducati Week festival earlier on this summer. Designed to bridge the gap between sports performance and every day practicality, the SuperSport will no doubt be Ducati’s jewel in the crown at the upcoming trade shows. Powered by a new 939 engine, the SuperSport is expected to be shown in two different models: the standard model, and the Ohlin’s suspension “S” version. We’ll give you the full lowdown as soon as we know more, however, if you don’t feel like waiting, you can read a bit of speculation from us here.


The 939 engine will also be used to update a couple of other models, too. Thanks to the new Euro4 regulations, Ducati may have been forced to retire the Monster’s 821 engine, and spyshots have sort-of confirmed that a Monster 939 will replace it, alongside the smaller 803. However, there has been talk of a redesigned Monster 821 making an appearance, so perhaps it wasn’t as non-compliant as we first thought…


There’s also been talk of a smaller capacity Multistrada too, which many believe will also be powered by the very same 939 engine more commonly seen on the Hypermotard 939. If that’s the case, it’s a smart move for Ducati – increasing their model range without increasing the number engines. While the new Multistrada “junior” will be turning a few heads, the regular 1200 will be receiving a few key updates, in the form a new air box and a new engine calibration. It will also come with a new “Volcano Grey” color option, too.


There’s been a lot of talk about the new breed of Ducati Scramblers this year, but we reckon that we’re not going to see very much of them until EICMA later on this year. Even though we might have to wait to see them, we do know that Ducati will at least be adding two new models to their incredibly successful range: the “DS” and the “CR”. No prizes for guessing what those initials stand for, because it doesn’t take a genius to work out that “DS” stands for “Dual Sport,” and that “CR” stands for “Café Racer.” Both of these bikes will be powered by the usual air cooled 803cc engine that has been winning acclaim all over the world. Will we see them next week? Hopefully, but let’s let the Italians be Italians; they’ll save them for EICMA…


And then there’s the Panigale series. Ducati’s flagship sportsbike range may or may not be getting much in the way of significant upgrades. A new 1299 hasn’t been suggested by anyone, but there are a few reports that it isn’t quite Euro4 compliant, so we may still see something – maybe in the form of an update and uglier exhaust? Some journalists have deduced that the 1299 may be undergoing a significant redesign, but we’ve got nothing to back those claims up. We do know that both the 1299 and 1299 “S” will be given the upgraded EVO versions of Ducati’s patented Ducati Traction Control and Ducati Wheelie Control systems.

The 959, on the other hand, is already Euro4 compliant, and we’ll have to wait and see what the 2017 model will have on offer.

Hopefully, Ducati will show us more than just the SuperSport in Cologne, and won’t leave us in too much suspense for EICMA. Either way, Ducati have worked incredibly hard over the last year and have promised as many as seven new models for 2017. Whether we see the fruits of their labor now, or in November doesn’t really matter. At least we know what to look out for, now!


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