Ducati’s Supersport Wins “Best Of Show” At EICMA 2017

Published November 22, 2016

Since the conclusion of the Milan show, the staff at Italy’s Motociclismo magazine have been tallying the results of their “most beautiful bike of the show” competition, and Ducati’s new Supersport model received the lion’s share of the votes. After a busy trade show, which saw more than 12,000 visitors, fans were given the chance to vote for their favorite bike of the week, and since it’s an Italian festival – and Motociclismo is an Italian magazine – it should be no surprise that Ducati walked away with the crown. If we had to narrow our favorite model down to a Ducati, it would’ve been the Superleggera – but since all of those who took part in the survey had the chance to win the actual winning model, we reckon that the Superleggera wasn’t even listed as an option!


Defeating the second place bike by over 13.2 percent of the vote share, the Supersport is an undisputed winner. And it’s well deserved. Since we were given a sneak peek at the platform at World Ducati Week, and after its formal unveiling at INTERMOT in Cologne, we’ve been excited about it. Not only does the Supersport come equipped with a 937cc 11 degree V-twin engine, which boasts an impressive 138 hp and 96.7 Nm of torque, it also comes wrapped in a versatile and rider-friendly configuration that flirts between a road-orientated touring bike and a sports model with absolute ease. It provides the best of both worlds, without any compromise.


The engine comes with EFI from Continental, twin Mikuni throttle bodies, ride-by-wire, and a whole host of ride and power modes to deal with any situation. The rolling chassis is blessed with Marzocchi forks and a Sachs shock for the base model, and full Ohlins suspension for the premium “S” version. Other riding aids include Ducati’s Safety Pack, which includes Cornering ABS and a comprehensive Traction Control suite, an optional Quickshifter (standard on the “S” version), and a wide range of other goodies.


In a world where versatility is the key, and compromise usually comes with sacrifices, the Ducati Supersport has successfully managed to marry to ideas together without any disadvantages. As far as the “Best In Show” award goes, it is a deserving winner…although I would’ve given my vote to the Husqvarna Vitpilen…


For more information on Ducati’s Supersport, or the rest of their 2017 range, give this article a quick glance.



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