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EBR Motorcycles: The Liquidation Sale Begins!

EBR Motorcyles are selling everything at auction

EBR Motorcycles RX

Want to buy a piece of Erik Buell Racing? The two month long liquidation sale is starting soon, and everything must go! You name it, it’s up for sale: race machines, hand tools, power tools, intellectual property and pretty much anything else that has the EBR Motorcycles stamped on it. If you’re a particularly enterprising individual, you could buy the whole brand if you wanted to…but you’d have to be a certain kind of crazy to make a gamble like that….

That’s right! EBR Motorcycles are selling everything. The firm’s owners, Liquid Asset Partners have announced that they were unable to find a new investor for the seemingly cursed American superbike manufacturer, and that they need to sell off EBR Motorcycles and it’s possessions to help with the consolidation of parts and warranty support for dealers and EBR owners.

EBR Motorcycles: Everything to be auctioned off!

The sale of EBR Motorcycle’s assets will begin on June 7th and will last for two months. According to Bill Melvin, the CEO of Liquid Asset Partners: “This is the motorcycle deal of a lifetime. For any motorcycle fan, the deals are too cheap to miss. You can buy anything from a race motorcycle, hand tools, even the motorcycle brand itself.”

“Everything must be sold regardless of cost or loss.”

The actual auctions will begin on June 8th and everything must go. From the 8th onwards, prospective buyers can bid on anything from factory equipment, race models, tooling, intellectual property and a few select pieces that have been classified as “historical artifacts.” If you want in on the action, you’d better get to Michigan and take a look at what’s going to be on offer – because everything has to be sold, and huge discounts and bargains are going to be available.

“These parts and equipment, which are rolling art, are selling at enormous discounts, right off the factory floor. With the sale 30 minutes from Milwaukee – the motorcycle capital of the world – it is quite a sight to see the factory in person. We have no illusions: the market is very soft and we are prepared to deeply discount everything,” Bill Melvin explained. “It’s stacked high and we’re selling it cheap. Everything must be sold regardless of cost or loss.”

If you’re interested in what could be the motorcycle sale of the century, then you can either head to the factory from June 7th onward, or you can view the assets online.

It seems like the Erik Buell dream is well and truly over.

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