Election Craze Reflected on a Lamborghini Trumpventador

Updated May 13, 2016

No, it’s not a typo. With November 8 fast approaching, we can only expect presidential campaign to gather pace. Well, it’s hard to think of anything more suitable for speeding campaign than campaign-poster on the face of a supercar. And not just any supercar. It’s Lamborghini Aventador, or should I say Trumpventador?

trump 1

This custom print wrapped Aventador is the work of Superior Auto Design. It features Prospective Republican candidate’s face on a starry background, on its hood. Print wrap also consists of door stripes, red and blue covers, and plenty of slogans. “Trump Train” sits on the nose above the front splitter, “Make America GR8 Again” adorns Aventador’s upswinging doors and Trump’s hat alike, while “You’re Fired” is plastered at the rear.

trump 2

There’s another slogan between the headlamps and front fenders which tells us another story. “The GR8est goldRush Rally” is a pun like no other. For starters, GR8 appears in both Trump’s and goldRush Rally’s slogans, and then there’s the fact that Trumpventador is about to make an appearance at this year’s goldRush Rally which is incidentally 8th such event. Which actually brings us to supercar’s purpose – other than being Trump’s moving billboard. By the time you’re reading this article, Trumpventador is already on its cross-country trek. 8th or Gr8est goldRush rally has started on May 13 (also Friday the 13th) in Boston and should finish in LA on May 21. Along the way, Trumpventador will bring another reminder who to vote for in November, to the citizens of Washington, D.C., Charlotte, Nashville, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. No doubt it’ll be one of the cars raising the most eyebrows during the week.

trump 3



Nikola Potrebić
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