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Electric Cars are on their way up

Electric Cars – Leading The Way Forward?

Updated November 23, 2013

The motorway of the past was where the fuel giants roamed. They were big, powerful cars that drank petrol like it was aqua vitae and spilled out carbon dioxide in noxious plumes.

Those days are in the rear view mirror. The driving public has moved on from those chrome dinosaurs and now wants more environmentally responsive rides.

No Longer Just In Electric Dreams:

Electric cars are not the dreams of the eccentric thinkers anymore, and the Peugeot iOn is one of these truly modern cars.

The Peugeot iOn:

Built like a bullet to fly on the road, the Peugeot iOn is the ultimate quiet ride with the acceleration and steering power to handle the worst kinds of city traffic.

The power source of this electric-mobile is the 66bhp (brake horse power) electric motor, powered by lithium-ion batteries, underneath the hood.

Allaying The Fears Of The People:

People worry about running out of power the way they always fret about running out of fuel, and the electric car models do need to be recharged. That can be done on a Peugeot iOn in seven or so hours and charging up this little beauty requires a 13 amp socket.

The Peugeot iOn has a range of approximately 90 miles and it has the soul of the city in its design. It can maneuver tight corners in narrow alleys and can fit snugly into most parking spaces.

Making The Future Greener:

Its greatest feature, of course, is green. As with other electric car models, the Peugeot iOn is a machine that helps bring down the overall carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Electric car manufacturers do not claim to have all the answers, but the Peugeot iON emphasises battery charged electric power as definitely being part of the solution.

This car registers absolute zero carbon emissions when it is moving down the street. That can bring incredible peace of mind to those who are apprehensive about global warming and its consequences.

Peugeot’s Commitment To Electric Car Models

Electric, by the way, is a part of the Peugeot heritage. Beginning with the Voiture Legere de Ville in 1941, the company has experimented and improved on its electric car models. Peugeot’s commitment to saving the environment is not just a lot of sales talk.

The company has initiated programs to help stop deforestation and make greater use of sustainable energy sources. The lithium batteries that propel the Peugeot iOn are all a part of the bigger picture of an ecologically sound world.

Though an ardent driver herself of a petrol engine Vauxhall Astra, Louisa Jenkins is fascinated with the ongoing development of electric car models. As such she regularly documents this passion.



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