Electric Cars: Renault Twizy vs. Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

Updated September 29, 2013

With the turn of the decade, electric cars have jumped to the head of the queue in the consideration set for buyers across the world. And with practical, compact two-seaters slowly making their presence felt in the market; the buying decisions have become even simpler for the consumer. Longer distances on a full charge, lower maintenance costs when compared to both two-wheelers and four-wheelers, exciting warranty offers, etc. are certain areas where electric cars come across as a very compelling package and score brownie points over their traditional counterparts.

In the new world of two-seater electric cars, two electric car models have clearly caught the fancy of the buyers. One of them is from the stables of Renault, while the other one is the upstart Smart GmBH of Germany.


Of the two cars, the Twizy has the more revolutionary design. The Fortwo, on the other hand, is a smartly adapted design from a small car. The Twizy looks like a futuristic quad-bike and its masculine flair stands out quite distinctly. The Fortwo’s design is admittedly more universal, owing to its understated lines.

Range and Battery

The biggest obstacle towards acceptance of electric cars over the years has been their ‘usable range’ or battery life. This is where the two cars have enhanced themselves and have really pushed the envelope. With a promised range of 145 kilometres, the Fortwo has a distinctive edge over the Renault’s promised range of 100 kilometres. The Twizy, however, steals a march over its rival when it comes to charging the battery. While it takes three-and-a-half hours for the nifty Renault to get charged up for a ride, Smart’s Fortwo takes almost as many as six hours to get its battery ready. There is an option of an onboard 22 Kw charger as well, though, with a promised full charge in just over an hour. With this option, the ease of charging the car at any of the ever-increasing roadside charge points makes the Fortwo a very attractive and practical option.

Drive & Performance

Though electric cars typically offer a compromise between driveability and economy, the power-to-weight ratios in both the Twizy and the Fortwo are above average in this class. This simply means a better drive and easy manoeuvrability as well in city traffic conditions. To give an example, a 450-kilo car with a 20 Hp engine stacks favourably against a 1300-kilo sedan with a 90 Hp engine in city conditions.


This is where the Twizy pulls back in the race against the Fortwo. At a surprisingly affordable 9000 Euro mark, the Renault car is a full 30 % cheaper than the Smart Electric Drive. Though the Smart throws in a lot of features in the small package, including ‘always on’ Internet connectivity through the Smart portable charger, the Twizy keeps it pretty modest and effective on the features front. After having a brief look at these two cars, it probably could be the way forward for electric cars and electric compact two-seaters, in particular.

This article was provided by Concept Car Credit. Concept is a car dealer based in Manchester, UK, providing quality used cars with affordable finance packages.



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