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Electric Compact SUV: the Car of the Future

Updated March 27, 2014

The good news is that the growing awareness to conserve limited fossil fuels and reduce carbon footprint has prompted auto makers to think differently. The introductions of the compact SUV as well as electric cars are definitely positive steps in this direction and must be lauded.

When SUVs initially made their bow, the accent was on size, power and everything to do with high performance. Consequently, many individuals did not think that these vehicles would suit their lifestyle and these vehicles were only bought by those with deep pockets who could spend on their purchase and subsequent maintenance.

However, SUV makers have been quick to spot this and have come out with various sized models starting with the compact SUV, the medium one and the large one, thereby catering to the requirements of all consumers.

A small family can thus go for a compact SUV and not bother or worry about spending too much on fuel. By introducing models across categories, SUV makers have been able to increase market share effectively.

Coming to the concept of electric cars, this is a scenario that is not as futuristic as initially envisaged. The benefits of clean air, negligible pollution as well as reduction in noise pollution levels are very well known to many and that is already prompting manufacturers to come out with better and more affordable models.

Electric cars deliver better performance as well and that is relative to the energy input required for a petrol or fossil fuel vehicle. These cars also work with a torque that is maintained at a constant, thereby offering great flexibility and ease of drive.

The only hassle here is the cost of producing the required electricity to run these vehicles. Currently, electricity production depends on fossil fuel inputs like coal and the transmission as well as distribution costs do present an issue. However, these are not factors that cannot be tackled.

Electric cars even after taking all the input costs into consideration work out almost 50% cheaper to run as compared to fossil fuel vehicles. The mindset has to change and consumers need to actively buy more of these vehicles to encourage more of their production.

Already vehicles running on alcohol as well as on batteries have been accepted and are becoming popular. If electric cars can become as popular, the world would be a much better place that is free of pollution to a great extent. We would also be able to make prudent use of the scarce and fast depleting fossil fuels.

The compact SUV along with electric cars thus represent a great opportunity for auto makers and the consumers. The makers can improve and refine automobile technology to introduce vehicles that can deliver performance without being too expensive and consumers can support them wholeheartedly to be able to enjoy a pollution free environment.

Around the world people are concerned about the environment, and when it comes to autos, electric cars are one of the most important topics. Now imagine being environmental friendly, but still driving a super car such a SUV? That is the answer for the future of the cars: an electric compact SUV.



Calvin Escobar
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