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Electric Ducati

An Electric Ducati And A Ducati Scooter On The Cards?

As Crazy As It Sounds, An Electric Ducati And A Scooter Are Coming

Updated August 24, 2018

An electric Ducati is one thing, but an electric Ducati AND a Ducati scooter seems like too much for the mind to take – but they’re both coming, a Ducati executive confirms. Despite how bizarre the idea of an electric Ducati sounds, it’s not completely beyond the realms of possible – it might be out of character for the Italian firm, but the times they are a-changing and every sector of the two wheeled industry has a vested interest in chasing the electric dream. But a Ducati scooter? A big red moped? Now that does sound like utter gibberish…but if Ducati executive Edouard Lotthé (the Ducati Managing Director for Western Europe) is to be believed, it’s going to happen. Let’s start with the more expected of these two revelations…

An Electric Ducati On The Way?

Electric Ducati Scooter

“On the way” might be a stretch, as that implies that it’s going to happen within the next twelve months – but that’s obviously not the case. An electric Ducati is an inevitability, so it’s not a massive revelation, but since Ducati is a part of the Volkswagen group, we know that it would surely have to arrive by 2030 at the latest. VW’s Roadmap E program is all about getting their entire line-up (and their subsidiaries) fully electric by 2030 – it’s not known whether Ducati is being held to that same rule, but we imagine that an across-the-board directive would be, well, across-the-board. Edouard Lotthé did mention that while an electric Ducati is definitely in the pipeline, it certainly wouldn’t be arriving before 2021. Ducati’s Research and Development department have more pressing concerns over the next few years, with the main focus being on refining the whole Ducati range to make them Euro5 compliant. Until then, you can always enjoy this electric Ducati April Fools pipe-dream here.

But What About A Ducati Scooter?

Ducati Scooter Concept

Again, it won’t be arriving before 2021 because of the Euro5 compliancy deadlines, but it is coming. There have always been rumors in the past and after every rumor, Ducati are always quick to laugh it off and pretty much say “don’t be ridiculous, that’ll never happen” but times have changed apparently. According to Mr. Lotthé, a Ducati scooter project is already underway. In an interview conducted by France’s Moto-Station, he revealed the plans about the scooter and the electric future, too. How did the super sleuths manage to get a top Ducati executive to spill the beans? Well, they simply asked whether Ducati would have any plans to get involved in the 300cc or 400cc sports market. Lotthé dismissed the idea, but revealed that Ducati were developing something smaller with urban commuters in mind, but rather than opting for a small-capacity “Panigale-Lite” they were moving into scooter territory instead.

So, we’ve got an electric Ducati and a Ducati scooter to look forward to. Who’d have thunk it?


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