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Energica To Supply FIM Moto-e Race Machines!

Energica Have Been Named Motorcycle Supplier For The FIM Moto-e World Cup

Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica have been announced as the official motorcycle supplier for the upcoming FIM Moto-e World Cup in 2019. The FIM have been working in partnership with Dorna to bring a new platform of racing into the foreground, and the upcoming Moto-e World Cup takes another step forward by announcing that Energica will be supplying race-spec versions of the Ego superbike for participating teams to compete on.

The FIM Moto-e World Cup Selects Energica As Motorcycle Supplier

Moto-e Energica Ego 2

Unlike the current MotoGP, manufacturers run race prototype versions of their own engines, the Moto-e will be more like the Moto2 championship, where teams all use the same engine from one sole engine supplier. In the Moto2, the current engine supplier is Honda who give race teams CBR600RR engines to run – until 2019 of course, where Triumph will be taking over that responsibility. Like the Moto2, Moto-e teams will be given race versions of Energica’s Ego motorcycle to play around with and modify.

Moto-e Energica Ego 1

Details are scarce at the moment, but we’re being led to believe that the Energica Ego models being provided will be the same as their road going counterparts, being powered by the very same PMAC motor that’s capable of 134 hp. Competing teams will no doubt be looking at ways to bring the electric behemoths weight down a few notches, because in its current form the Ego weighs in at a very un-race-like 570 lbs. It’s heavy, and you might be thinking that it’s not the fastest nor the best electric motorcycle that you’ve ever heard of – and you’d be right. However, it’s the most accessible, and that’s what racing is all about.

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Since racing is the greatest advertising platform for manufacturers, it makes sense that the competing teams race on motorcycles that are available for the everyday rider. Energica is the only real electric manufacturer that has a form of recognizable dealership network, with performance and specs geared towards everyday road riding, and with a price tag that won’t bankrupt a small nation. While other brands like Sarolea and Lightning Motorcycles were considered, Energica won the bid. For now.

Moto-e Energica Ego 3

It seems like the plan for the FIM Moto-e World Cup will be to open up the field to numerous manufacturers in a similar way to the MotoGP, but that will only happen once the Moto-e has established itself. So, hopefully in a few years time we’ll see the likes of Sarolea and Lightning Motorcycles battle with Energica and Mugen for electric racing supremacy – but that’s probably a few years off.

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Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta explained “The FIM Moto-e World Cup is a new and exciting project for Dorna, and it makes us very proud to announce Energica will be the supplier in this new venture. We believe in excellence, quality and performance and we cannot think of a better collaborator with whom to launch the FIM Moto-e World Cup. Energica are an industry-leading and innovative company and we look forward to the incredible spectacle of electric-powered racing together.”

Moto-e Energica Ego 5

Electric racing is on its way, and while there are still plenty of electric cynics out there, hopefully a few laps of unfettered power delivery and elbow to elbow racing will help make the idea of an electric motorcycle more appealing to those who refuse to give them a chance. Bring on the Moto-e, I say, but don’t forget that the MotoGP is still the main draw!

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