Energica’s “Eva” Launches In California

Published May 27, 2016

Energica have brought their cutting edge electric motorcycles Stateside, and now have a flagship dealership in San Francisco, California. Energica have come a long way from their Modena, Italy based headquarters, opening up a UK dealership earlier on this year, and now a new branch on American soil. To celebrate the opening, Energica took their Eva streetfighter on a landmark 450 mile ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

energica-eva-electric-streetfighter-2-e1458894084705 Energica-Eva-e-bike-8

The Energica Eva was ridden by actor Bill LeVasseur, and the took him and his Energica team through the usual tourist hotspots and iconic landmarks along the coast, from the Rock Store on Mulholland Highway, to Alice’s Restaurant on Skyline Blvd, down to the Golden Gate bridge, with a quick stop at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel. In total, the Eva managed to make the trip with only nine recharging stops. Each stop only took around 20 minutes, thanks to Energica’s patented fast charging technology.

Energica-Eva-e-bike-7-850x566 Energica-Eva-e-bike-10-e1464058420850

Now, the Eva isn’t quite as powerful or as technologically advanced as Energica’s flagship model – the Ego – but it does come with some awesome stats. The electric motor produces a respectable 95 hp (compared with the Ego’s 136 hp), 125 lb –ft of torque (Ego produces 144 lb – ft) and has an impressive top speed of 124 miles per hour, with a maximum range of 124 miles in Economy mode.

Energica-Eva-e-bike-5 img-4228-1

Both the Energica Eva and Ego come with great stats and bucket loads of potential, but they do come with a fairly steep price tag. The Eva will be sold in the US at around the $34,000 marker, which is probably more than most riders are willing to spend on an electric alternative, when conventional motorcycles have more impressive performance figures, a superior range and are a hell of a lot cheaper. But before you judge them too harshly, perhaps you should go and book yourself in for a test ride? The new Energica dealership will be located 53 Page Street, San Francisco and will be open sometime in July.




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