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Enhancing Performance with BMW Tuning Software

Updated November 22, 2013

If you currently own a BMW, then you already well aware of the phrase “Ultimate Driving Machine” and the significance it’s supposed to hold. But most stock BMWs are nowhere near their full potential, leaving a lot to be desired for owners in search of the bleeding edge of performance. Fortunately, there is a way to unlock this full potential without sacrificing much in the way of drivability or cost. The solution involves BMW tuning software that could change the tuning parameters of the vehicle without any major modifications.

How Can Tuning Software Help Performance?

If you’re looking to unlock the last bit of horsepower your BMW has to offer remove BMW’s top speed limiter, or if you simply want to solve annoying yet expensive drivability issues without spending an arm and a leg, BMW tuning software may be able to help. Tuning software can also help supplement previously installed BMW tuning parts to unlock a vehicle’s true performance potential.

Users can easily access the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) to discover and unlock a variety of helpful and useful settings that can completely change the way these cars drive, from revamped idle characteristics to remapped shift points. BMW owners also have the ability to gain full control of the VANOS variable valve system as well as complete control over the fuel system and individual cylinder timing.

How Does it All Work?

BMW tuning software taps into the vehicle’s ECU, either through a laptop computer or other portable computing device or with the help of a dedicated dongle. This connection is usually made from the OBD-II onboard diagnostic port located within the driver’s compartment. Much of the information pulled up with the tuning software is considered “read-only,” allowing users to view important data and diagnose problems without running the risk of damage or deletion.

With the BMW tuning software connected and ready, owners can “reflash” their vehicle’s ECU with it a specialized ECU profile that is either specifically created by the user or custom made by the tuner in question. Tuners like Dinan offer a wide array of soft and aggressive tunes to suit a wide variety of on road and off-road driving styles. Many of these settings are used in conjunction with BMW tuning cars to create a comprehensive performance solution that far surpasses current performance thresholds.

Are There Any Risks?

While there is little risk involved in using BMW tuning software, drivers should be aware that driving any modified vehicle on the road without the proper precautions could lead to certain consequences. Using the software to modify your vehicle’s ECU may even be illegal in some states with high emissions standards, since vehicles within the state must remain compliant with all emissions statutes and regulations. In some cases, you may even void your warranty just by using tuning software unless it is specifically approved by the manufacturer.

There is also the risk of completely erasing the ECU, in which case the entire unit must be shipped back to the manufacturer to be restored and properly flashed, often at considerable expense

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