EPA Blows the Whistle! All-Wheel Drive Challenger is Now Basically Official

Published October 29, 2016

It’s funny how automakers constantly try to hide their plans, but they end up surfacing anyway. It often starts with well-based rumors which automakers either deny or ignore completely. The more they do so, the bigger the possibility the rumor is actually accurate. One such rumor about the future all-wheel drive Dodge Challenger has been circling around for quite some time. It turns out there was plenty of smoke there, and where’s smoke, there’s fire. What’s funniest here is the fact that we have none other than the EPA to thank for, for confirming this. Maybe they did it unintentionally, but they still did it.

If you go to EPA’s car database and check the Dodge Challenger GT out, you’ll note that it’s listed as an all-wheel drive vehicle under the “specs” tab. That’s as official as it gets at this point. However, only V6 model (new GT trim) will likely be equipped with the all-wheel drive for now. This means that future Hellcat owners will continue having trouble with way more horsepower than their tires can take as top of the line model remains rear-wheel drive exclusive – for now.


All-wheel drive Challenger will also be less fuel efficient than its rear-wheel drive counterpart, but that doesn’t come as a surprise. Current 6-cylinder Challengers return 19/30 mpg, while power routed to all wheels demands 1 mpg sacrifice in city driving and whole 3 mpg on the highway. That brings final figures to 18/27 mpg.


Although FCA still keeps silent about it, all-wheel drive Challenger isn’t something that should come as a surprise after all. Charger is being offered with the setup for years now, which means they have the platform for the job. Extra grip will be most appreciated by people living in colder areas. After all, winter doesn’t really combine all that well with the rear-wheel drive.



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