Erik Buell Racing 1190AX Adventure-Tourer The Ultimate

Erik Buell Racing 1190AX Adventure-Tourer Waits, Watches & Learns Before Coming Out

The Erik Buell Racing 1190AX Adventure-Tourer Show Bold Promise

Updated September 26, 2018

There are no doubts that Erik Buell is planning the return of a lifetime. After a few weak attempts to conquer the market, Erik Buell Racing (EBR) has finally come to life. The new idea did not just get the required financing in no time, but it also drew the attention of more giants, such as the Indian producer Hero MotoCorp. The first steps were convincing enough. Both 1190SX and 1190RX made a pretty good impression. They came with an exquisite power of 185HP and immediately drew attention in the high performance sector. However, it looks like EBR does not plan to stop here. Expanding its production with some monstrous units aims to put it among the industry leaders. This is how Erik Buell Racing 1190AX Adventure-Tourer plans to make the difference.

Erik Buell Racing 1190AX Adventure-Tourer

The Erik Buell Racing 1190AX Adventure-Tourer is practically part of a new trend. The tendency was initially spotted by BMW and KTM. The two manufacturers realized that motorcycling enthusiasts are now looking for middle solutions. They want all kinds of sporty and aggressive features, but they do care about comfort as well. They want the pleasure of long road trips in a sporty manner. Such models are not too aggressive, but not too comfortable either. It looks like a failing vision, yet the demand is quite impressive. The new EBR model has been included in this category long ago, although it was not even revealed yet. The name was, indeed, mentioned in the future plans, but there is no such thing as a clear release date. The leadership has mentioned that 2015 will be the year though.

Erik Buell Racing 1190AX Adventure-Tourer Side

Erik Buell Racing 1190AX Adventure-Tourer will be similar to the other AX models, so the platform will be unchanged. Most fans can only think about the amazing 185HP power in an adventure motorcycle. What can be more enticing than that? The suspension might be a little taller for some extra comfort, while the wheels will probably become a little stronger for the exact same reason. Erik Buell Racing does not plan to implement the electronic suspension on its models, so the costs will be pretty competitive. The seat might need some changes too, but this is probably the simplest task in the upgrade. A touring windscreen will become a main necessity as well.

Eric Buell Racing 1190 AX

There are more reasons to believe that Erik Buell Racing 1190AX Adventure-Tourer will be a very solid solution. Practically, EBR has quite a lot of time to figure the market direction. Its competition has already tackled this segment, so the manufacturer can see the trends and how the respective motorcycles are received. Learning from others’ successes and failures is a serious advantage. This is also a drawback, because it might be a little too late for fans who will opt for other models until the 1190AX model kicks in.

Erik Buell Racing 1190AX Adventure-Tourer

In the end, there are not too many details given about Erik Buell Racing 1190AX Adventure-Tourer, but only a lot of suppositions. Only time can tell if they will become reality.



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