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Ethanol Buses to be used in Beijing?

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Scania currently have no production facilities in the PRC, but this could change after 2008 according to a Scania CEO, Leif Ostling. Mr. Ostling said the Chinese government is beginning to take the environmental situation in China much more seriously these days and sees a huge market for green buses in Chinese cities where the number of privately owned cars per 1000 people is still actually quite low, and the majority of people still depend on the bus service for traveling. Currently many cities in China still use old buses of a Soviet/Chinese design, they all run on diesel (some use overhead electric lines, but not many) and belch out acrid black smoke, it really does suck to walk past them as the driver accelerates from a standing point.

Ethanol has been all the rage over the past 12 months with large swarthes of land in the USA, Africa, and South America being designated for Ethanol production, it is unlikely that China will begin planting crops with an eye to becoming a major Ethanol producer due to its lack of spare fertile land.

Scania says the Ethanol running buses improve fuel economy and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 90% which all sounds great for the great smoke up north that we call a capital – Beijing.



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