Evoke Motorcycles Introduce Their Sub-$10k Electric Motorcycle!

The Bargain Electric Motorcycle From Evoke Motorcycles

Updated August 20, 2018

Evoke Motorcycles have decided to throw their hat into the electric ring with a model that is expected to retail for less than $10,000. There are two things you need to know before you get too carried away, though. First, let’s get the necessary celebration out of the way: “finally, an electric motorcycle that has an affordable price tag!” We can all rejoice that fact. But secondly, and more importantly…It’s Chinese.

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Don’t despair, though – because the quality of Chinese machinery is definitely getting better and better. Chinese brands like Lifan have certainly developed enough of a positive build-quality to enter the American market, and with Evoke Motorcycles, many of you will already have had a positive experience with their technology…in a roundabout kind of way. You see, the thing is, Evoke Motorcycles have partnered with Foxconn.

Who are Foxconn? Why, they’re the firm that put together the Apple iPhone. They’re a Chinese electrical company with products we’re already familiar with, so now that they’re working with Evoke Motorcycles, we already know that these machines will be built to a high standard.

Introducing The Urban S By Evoke Motorcycles

Evoke Motorcycles 2

Evoke Motorcycles have announced that they will be taking orders for their flagship Urban S model for customers in the USA and China. The price is low, and the quality promises to be high – the aggressive new kid on the scene may give the big wigs at Zero and Energica something to worry about. For a deposit as small as $200 you can win yourself a pre-order purchase price of $9,400 for the cool new electric motorcycle.

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The spec sheet claims that the Urban S is equipped with a 19kW motor that can push the motorcycle to speeds of up to 81 mph, with a respectable range of 70 miles. Well, that depends on how you ride it. The 99.2v, 60ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Evoke PowerPack can give riders a radius of 83 miles in and around town, or a shorter 50 mile range at highway speed. Sure, we want a bigger range, but at the price and compared to what else is on the market, it’s not bad at all.

Evoke Motorcycles 4

If you’re still unsure of giving the electric motorcycle a try, this one might give you another headache. Evoke have dropped the conventional rear brake pedal in favor of a handlebar mounted lever that sits where the clutch usually would. This won’t be an issue for those familiar with automatic scooters, but die hard traditionalists may find the arrangement a little…off putting. Couple that with the lack of engine noise and lack of conventional transmission, and you’re in for an interesting first few miles…

Either way, the low price is to be applauded and whether you like the Evoke idea or not, hopefully it will help other manufacturers bring their prices into the realm of the realistic…

The Specs:

Top Speed 130 km/h (81 mph)
Acceleration (0 – 50 km/h) 2.5 seconds
Max power 19 kW
Max torque 86 lb-ft
Motor type hub motor
Controller 400A DC wave controller with regenerative braking
City* 133 km (83 miles)
Highway, 80 km/h (50 mph)* 80 km (50 miles)
Battery type 99.2v, 60ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Evoke PowerPack
Rated nominal capacity 9.0 kWh
Standard charge time (0-100% DOD, typical) 8 hours
(3 hours with optional Fast Charger to 80%)
Front Brakes Dual disc, 4 piston hydraulic 300×4 mm
Rear Brakes Single disc, 2 piston hydraulic 220×4 mm
Front Suspension 42mm inverted fork, dual shock
Rear Suspension Single shock rear
Front Wheel 3.00×17 cast aluminum
Rear Wheel 3.00×17 built-in hub motor
w/ cast aluminum wheel
Front Tire 110/70-17
Rear Tire 140/70-17
Curb Weight 180 kg
Carrying Capacity 150 kg
Wheelbase 1360 mm (54.4 inches)
Length 2030 mm (81.2 inches)
Width (excluding mirrors) 710 mm (28.4 inches)
Seat Height 780 mm (31.2 inches)
Ground Clearance 130 mm (5.2 inches)


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