Exclusive look at the 400+ horsepower 2013 Mitsubishi EVO used in “Furious 7”

Get Up Close And Personal With The Fast And Furious Evo From The Movie

Updated October 6, 2018

This Fast and Furious Evo has a special father son twist, its capable of over 400 horsepower on E85 gas, and was built by a 24 year old.

We all love seeing expensive cars going fast and ripping up the asphalt the way we wish we could, but that’s a fantasy world that most of us will never realize. However you may be in for a surprise as you learn that the owner of this highly customized car drives it every day even though it’s now part of the iconic Fast and Furious movie cars.

Fast And Furious Evo 1

Our father son story begins in the Northeast a few years ago as Ralph Gold was a muscle car guy who dreamed of building and customizing cars. During the late 70’s and early 80’s Ralph ran a custom auto shop near Chicago, IL and began to earn a good reputation as the go-to guy for all your specialized work. His shop did everything from sunroofs, T-tops, to custom stereo installs. As time marched on he decided to move to California to settle down and raise a family. After his son Ryan was born and began to play with hot-wheels and have mock car shows, Ralph knew his son was going to be a gearhead like him, so he decided it was time to return to his first love and that was customizing cars again.

Fast forward a few years and Ralph is now the general manager, co-owner and custom builder at R&R Motorworks in Goleta, CA and they specialize in Domestic, Japanese, and Muscle Cars. Their shop covers restorations, custom performance and styling upgrades. Their team uses their expertise to make your dreams of owning a unique custom vehicle come true.

Fast And Furious Evo 2

Young Ryan is now vice president of operations and according to his dad, the mastermind behind the 2013 Mitsubishi Evolution (EVO) that we now know was used in the filming of the newest Fast and Furious movie “Furious 7”. The exact details are not know yet, but the HBO first look feature “Making of Furious 7” running this week revealed that the car was indeed seen in at least one scene of the movie. They were waiting on pins and needles as Ralph put it to see if their car would even be used for any filming. Let’s take a look and see why the car is gaining all the attention:

Fast And Furious Evo 3

R&R Motorworks 2013 Mitsubishi EVO Specs:

Power plant: 2.0-liter (4 cylinder) 4B11T; ETS intake; ETS upper intercooler piping; ETS lower intercooler piping; ETS 3.5″ intercooler; ETS test pipe; ETS V2 exhaust; Tomei downpipe

Drivetrain: CZ4A 5-speed transmission; Torque Solution short shifter; Torque Solution shifter cable bushings; Torque Solution hate selector pivot bushing

Engine Management: Cobb EBCS; Cobb V3 Accesport; Cobb Protune

Chassis: Fortune Auto coil overs; Whiteline rear camber arms; Whiteline rear sway bar; Whiteline solid rear end links; Whiteline roll center adjust; Whiteline front control arm bushings; Whiteline solid front caster bushings; Autopower roll cage

Brakes: Brembo 6-piston brake kit

Wheels & tires: CCW Classics race version 18×10.5 +10 polished lips 2″/2.5″ brushed faces; Bf Goodrich G-force ProComp 2. Size: 255/40/18’s

Exterior: Varis V2 front bumper; Varis V2 front lip; Varis V2 canards; Black Top Aero carbon fiber rear valences; Voltex Type 5 carbon fiber spoiler; 305mm wing risers; Chargespeed Type 1 side skirts; JDM style taillights; Chargespeed front over fenders; Hella horns; Cusco shorty antenna; vinyl wrapped in Porsche’s Rivera Blue

Interior: Recaro SPG driver side seat; Recaro Pole Position passenger side seat; OEM Navigation n-05; Works Bell steering wheel hub; Works Bell quick release; Nardi 350mm Deep Corn; Powered By Max adjustable shift knob; rear seat delete

Fast And Furious Evo 4

At only 24 years old Ryan has already built many customized rides that have gained some major attention and he revealed to us that the EVO has been auto crossed some and he estimates the speed from zero to 60 mph to be in the 4.0 second flat range. However, with all the special features the car has it is still very drivable. Ralph says “This 2013 EVO gave us a great platform to perform bolt-on’s to and it’s easy to maintain – the car can even be re-flashed (retuned) on the fly”. The car came with 220 horsepower from the factory and makes 345 horsepower on pump gas and a staggering 400+ on E85 gas.

Fast And Furious Evo 5

Another surprising feature of this car is the front bumper, Ryan says “The body kit used on this car is kind of rare, the front bumper is one of approximately four or five manufactured in Japan and it may indeed be the only one in the US”. One thing we know for sure about this amazing build is it’s sure to catch your attention when you see it and I’m certain that’s why the Ryan’s 2013 Mitsubishi EVO was chosen to be used in the movie. Let’s tune in on April 4th and see if we catch Ryan’s EVO as it makes its movie debut in “Furious 7”.

Fast And Furious Evo 6

Special thanks to Edwin Guzman for the spectacular photo shoot.


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