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Check Out The Cool Equinox Snowcoach!

Updated September 26, 2018

There are few snowcoaches that are as unique looking as the Equinox Snowcoach. The Equinox snowcoach looks like something that you would see being used in the “Star Wars” franchise, rather than being something that actually works, let alone something that is actually usable in regards to driving something. The best part about the new Equinox snowcoach is that it does not only hold a lot of people, but it also will shield you and your passengers from the crisp winds that wintry weather can bring. This snowcoach has been made from some of the sturdiest material available, and can seat up to two people, while all the while sitting on a very high performing gas tank to ensure safe and optimal driving even in the worst weather conditions. And by including five different color options and only being priced at about two thousand dollars, the Equinox snowcoach may offer everything that.

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What Are Some Key Features of the Equinox Snowcoach?

One of the best features of the Equinox snowcoach is not only that it can seat two people comfortably and safely by including two seatbelts for the driver and passenger, but also that it is made out of some of the most sturdy material out there called polyethylene. The Equinox snowcoach also can be bought with a limited rotational hitch in order to help it cover more ground while traveling through the wintry, snowy hilltops. There are also a couple of decorative and safety features that come with the Equinox snowcoach when you purchase one: body reflectors for the entire thing as well as brake and running lights so that other people on the hill will know when you are coming to a stop and actually be able to see your snowcoach when traveling in the dark. The Equinox snowcoach can also hold up to three hundred and fifty pounds so if you need to haul anything and do not have a passenger; you will be able to do so.

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Since you can carry more than what you normally could and keep your passengers safe from the cold winds that are blowing during your snowmobile adventures, the Equinox snowcoach is the coach for you. With the price tag being relatively low at only about two thousand dollars and with all of the safety features that are available in a snowcoach, you will not be left disappointed once you hit the mountain tops and wintry roads. Even though the Equinox snowcoach does not necessarily pack a lot of heat–or horsepower–the little snowcoach makes up in safety features and durability. One of the best features about this vehicle is that you can allow your children to drive it once they are above the age of eight! So go ahead and plan your next family vacations for the mountains so you can take an Equinox snowcoach for a spin.

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