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Extraordinary Kode 0 Is Ferrari Enzo-Designer Newest Car

Kode 0 based on the Aventador But 600 lbs lighter

Published August 28, 2017

Alongside the BMW Z4 Concept, the gorgeous Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 Concept Convertible and that gorgeous Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta, Pebble Beach hosted the unveiling of another exclusive car. Called the Kode 0 Hypercar, it is a brainchild of the former Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama. Actually, we have written before about one of his previous creations – the Kode57. Even Floyd Mayweather bought one.

kode 0

The new car definitely follows in the same steps as the Kode57. But now with a roof, and with classic ‘70s design form. After all, we can see a bit of Lancia Stratos Zero and even Countach in its lines.

Kodo 0 Based On The Lamborghini Aventador

kode 0

As a follow up to the five-units strong Kode57, the Kode 0 will be built in Japan in Ken Okuyama factory. 40 people will work on it. For now, Okuyama plans to produce only one model, and we do know that its production includes a lot of Lamborghini Aventador parts.

kode 0

See, the Kode 0 is based around the Lamborghini Aventador. In essence, it retained its chassis, wheels, engine, even the interior. But it did ditch its exterior panels replacing them with newly designed elements. The whole exterior is actually made of carbon fiber parts instead of aluminum of the standard Aventador.

kode 0

The process of replacing aluminum with carbon fiber parts resulted in a significant weight drop. The Kode 0 has a 3,410 curb weight. 600 lbs less than the Aventador. That is huge. Considering it has the same V12 with 690hp, same all-wheel drive system and single clutch paddle-shifted automatic, we are positive the Kode 0 actually handles better than the Aventador. Of course, there is no chance that Ken Okuyama and his team made the car as aerodynamically efficient as Lambo made the Aventador. Then again, that is not even the point. We can see that this car is more like a coach built creation aimed to attract buyers of a very specific taste.

Seventies Exterior and Seventies Interior

kode 0

Wedge-shaped design is definitely reminiscent of the supercars from before. Actually, one may even see a bit of Vector design here. Not much tough as Okuyama himself promoted the design as reminiscent of the Marcello Gandini works (which include the Miura and the Countach). Apparently, the “one motion” design should make you look at the car first at the front end then letting your eyes wander to the back where you will find uniquely shaped creases and sharp edges which form a memorable sight.

kode 0

The same can be said for the interior. Although translated from the Aventador, Okuyama team did a lot to make it look more interesting and inspired by the disco culture of the Seventies. After all, Ken Okuyama himself says “Doesn’t it feel like a disco in there? The body is inspired by 70s legends, and the cockpit is too”.

Look at all that silver glitz on the seats and simple green details finely crafting the exterior.

All in all, this new car will sell for large $. Ken Okuyama is probably waiting for a buyer right now after he revealed the Kode 0 at The Quail. And next to this machine was that roofless beauty Kode57.

kode 0


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