F1-Style Beetle – Could This Rendering Someday Come To Life?

Published July 14, 2016

The VW Beetle is known as many things: the people’s car, surfer’s sidekick, student’s delight, hunk of junk, and even a Tatra (if you’ve never heard of Tatra, it’s worth googling). But beautiful is certainly never considered as a potential F1 contender.

 This rendering by Yasid Design might seem insanely farfetched, but think about it for a moment. VW most definitely has the expertise and experience on hand to make it happen. They do own Audi and Bugatti after all. When you consider that this is the same company that brought us the Veyron, then F1 Beetle suddenly doesn’t sound so out of reach.

F1-Style Beetle – Could This Rendering Someday Come To Life - Featured

 In the spirit of fantasy car’s, however, Yasid’s F1 Beetle is powered by a 9000rpm Honda S2000, and also incorporates the Honda’s digital dashboard. We like the combination, but we doubt that’ll ever become reality.

But back to the possibility of a F1 Beetle: we still think there might be something worth talking about here. Fair, it probably won’t look too much like a Beetle and we don’t think any self-respecting F1 crew would call themselves ‘The Love Bugs’, but a VW F1 team isn’t outside the realm of possibility. The company may just decide that they need to win back some public favor and anything related to the Beetle always scores them bonus points. And a spectacularly fast Beetle may just do the trick.

Either way, we thought we’d share this rendering because, whether or not you like it, it’s food for thought. We wouldn’t mind seeing VW tackle the F1 circuit – the more the merrier. At least they’ll have the most adorable car on the track…



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