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F86 BMW X6 M – Official photos

The new F86 BMW X6 M was setup to debut the 2015 LA Auto show but instead it was spotted early on the streets of Munich.  The X6 M spotted on the streets was Mineral white with black wheels and the infamous quad exhaust tips.

BMW X6 M Spotted in Munich

The looks aren’t the only thing that have improved with the new X6 M. It now includes the AWD xDrive and DPC(Dynamic Performance Control) which adjusts force distribution based on the current driving. Not to mention an 8 speed automatic transmission, M modified, of course.  Most importantly, will be an engine producing 575 HP.



The new X6 M does 0 to 100 km / h in only 4.2 seconds, while the predecessor of this model still took half a second longer. Though the overall performance of the car is improved, the fuel consumption is reduced by 20 percent to 11.1 liters per 100 km.

BMW X6 M Interior

This new model is improved in size, too. It is bigger than its predecessors, for example to the E71 which measured 191.97 in, the new model measures 193.3 in. Also, the new F86 is wider; it is 78.7 in wide, while the previous model is 78.3 in wide. Other improvements on appearance include the height, where the F86 is a bit higher (66.5 in vs 66.3in) and the wheelbase is almost completely matching in the size: 115.5 in vs 115.47 in. In comparison with the E71 X6 M model shows a more refined chassis, tested over 8 000 kilometers, at the Nurburging, and this testing at the Nurburging started with BMW model BMW M3 E92.

New BMW X6 M



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