Suspect Standing in Field During OKC Police Pursuit

Facebook-Live Thief Steals Truck and Leads Police on 3-hour Chase

Thug Stole a Truck and Trailer and Led Police on a 3 hr-long Whacky Police Pursuit

Updated November 10, 2017

Oklahoma City Police Chase Suspect

Earlier today, a young who later identified himself as Brenton Hager on a facebook-live video (that he filmed in middle of the high-speed police pursuit), stole a truck and trailer and led police on one of the craziest, action-packed police pursuits that we’ve seen in a long time. The police chase is said to have lasted at least 3 hours and included many stop-and-go’s, turn-arounds, and even showed the driver running around in middle of fields around the stolen truck while talking on his cell phone.

The pursuit began after Hagen stole a black Ford F-250, with a trailer attached to it, in southwest Oklahoma City. The owner of the truck, Shane Jones, has reported that he was in Grady County at a doctor’s appointment. When he came out from the doctor’s office, his truck and trailer were gone. He spotted the vehicle at approximately 10:00 AM which led to the beginning of the chase. Hager first began fleeing on highways and is said to have caused at least three car crashes that we’re aware of at this point. Hager then took off into several fields and pastures in an attempt to lose the police. Police has spoken to the mother of Hager, which reported that he was suicidal. For this reason, police did not know what the driver would do and kept a safe distance from the vehicle. Three schools were also locked down to prevent children from being harmed.

Suspect of Police Chase Brenton Hager

Hager, a young white male, revealed quite a bit about himself in the video below, which he filmed live on Facebook during the ride. During the video, Hager stated that he was recently released from prison, had been trying to do good, hadn’t been able to have any fun, and was just trying to get some “assets”. While we thank Hager for helping inform us on what the hell was going on, we don’t think the video is going to be too helpful for him in court (in fact, we wouldn’t doubt if they slap some sort of distracted driving charge on him). Hager also went as far on the video to ask his friend Jesse if they were still mad at him. During the filming of the video, while Hager was driving on public roads, he became angry with another civilian driving on the road that appeared to be holding him up. Hager pulled up next to the vehicle (while recording himself live on Facebook) and yelled out the window, “I’m in a high speed chase, bro!”. It was unclear if he was trying to warn the guy, if he was bragging, or both. We wouldn’t be surprised either way.

At one point, Hager stopped at SW 164th and Cold Fire Rd. and begun to remove a toolbox from the truck bed. A civilian had decided to try to take matters into their own hands and pulled up near the truck and begun to fire shots at the truck’s tires. However, Hager took off and was able to get away once again. After another bit of the joyride, Hager stopped once again in a field near Indian Hills & Penn and refused to come out of the truck after police requests. Surprise, surprise, Hager took off driving once again. Shortly after, Hager drove into a pond. However, he still wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. He jumped out of the truck and started fleeing by foot, but police finally caught up with him, used a taser on him, and finally apprehended the suspect.

After the arrest, Hager was taken to a hospital for examination and was then booked in jail for a long list of charges. Cleveland County Sheriff Todd Gibson spoke to the suspect who told him that he didn’t want to go to jail and was “just having fun”. Could have fooled us! Judging by his actions, it appears like he was trying as hard as possible to go back to prison. During the recorded video, Hager says that he is not under the influence of anything. It’s too bad you can’t plead “idiotic” in the Court of Law. Hopefully he’ll get smarter in his next long stay in prison!

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