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Factory Five 818C Kit Car Gets Better and Better

The Factory Five 818 Kit Cat Is The Coolest DIY Build On The Market For Under $20k!

Kit car enthusiasts already think highly of the Factory Five 818, but it’s newest version in the 818C comes with even more impressive features. It was already designed for stellar performance on and off the track with a bargain price tag of around $15K, but the newest DIY model can go topless among other things while still sliding under the $20K mark.

Factory Five 818C

Although the average person probably hasn’t heard of the Factory Five 818C, that doesn’t affect this kit car’s curb appeal. It has a sleek style that could rival that of any luxury sports car, and is sure to turn heads wherever it cruises. In fact, this car may even garner more attention than a Ferrari or Porsche simply because it is so little known.

Factory Five 818C 2

Aside from the removable hard top, this newest Factory Five model features a more modern look to the exterior than its predecessor and also gains power windows, rear glass corner windows, and a rear glass hatch. The front end has also been refashioned with new fenders and a front grille insert. These additions only add $2500 to the price previously attached to the 818. It is even possible to outfit earlier 818 models with the 818C’s new nose design and hard top with a special kit.

Factory Five 818C 3

The Factory Five 818C was recently introduced at the 2015 Factory Five Racing Open House with an enthusiastic reception. The kit car officially went into production in August 2015, but it was previously available for pre-orders with a meager down payment of $99. Pricing has not been released for the upgrade kit for earlier models or for the individual parts, but it’s likely just as reasonable as the rest.

Factory Five 818C 4

The only possible downside to the Factory Five 818C is that it carries a little extra weight. Previously weighing in at around 1500 lbs, the new removable hard top adds an extra 300 lbs to the total. We expect that won’t deter would-be purchasers too much, however, since there’s such an appeal to this kit car’s convertible nature.

Factory Five 818C 5

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