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FAW Release the Volkswagen Magotan

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

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Volkswagen isnt the first company to release a certain model for just the Chinese market, Audi did it with the Audi A6L A long wheel base Audi A6 that put the cars length on par with the A8, BMW also made a China only version of their 5 Series. We dont know why though did Chinese drivers suddenly have a nationwide growth spurt or are the various manufacturers trying to make poor mans versions of their luxury sedans?
From the information that China Car Times could gather, the Magotan will have a sooper dooper special radio iginition no keys like they days of old rather you keep a radio key in your pocket, press a button on the dashboard and voila! your car starts! Other magical elements in the car include a electronic parking brake. Press a button and your cars handbrake is applied, press it again and its off. Saves a lot of space, not having that big mechanical handbrake between you and your passenger.

The Magotan is pretty much a long wheel based Passat, but with a much more luxurious interior and a new face.  Volkswagen say the suspension is stiffer than the FAW, the front suspension is a MacPherson strut, the rear being a four-link trapezoidal system.

You can see a commercial for the Magotan here on 



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