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FAW remake the Hong Qi Limo for China’s 60th birthday bash

Published September 8, 2009

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The Hong Qi soft top limo is a fairly iconic car to all Chinese, both in China and out of China. The first Hong Qi was actually named a Dongfeng and based off an earlier Soviet design that Moscow had passed onto Mao to ride into town on for his first big day in Beijing on October 1st 1949. The later Hong Qis were actually based off American cars, the first one being the CA72 model which was riding on a Chrysler 300 platform, later models were a mixture of Audi 100?s and Lincoln Town Cars. But for Chinas big 60th birthday celebration, Hong Qi is planning to go back to its 1949 roots and has produced a wonderful beast from which Chairman Hu Jintao will inspect his troops:

Its unclear what platform the above Hong Qi might be riding on, its more than likely to be its own special platform, and will have FAWs domestically designed and produced V12 engine in it. The above Hong Qi is also most likely to be a road worthy version of the concept car that we saw a few years ago in 2006.

Brilliance have also attempted to enter the state limo arena with their own cars, but it seems there attempts have fizzled out.




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