FAW to hit the top end segment soon

Published June 17, 2010

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First Automobile Works were are one of the largest automotive manufacturers in China thanks to its partnerships with VW, Audi, Toyota, and Mazda, and ownership of Haima, Besturn and the relatively famous Hong Qi/Red Flag brand. FAWs own self developed vehicles have taken off in recent years, mostly under the Besturn brand which later merged into the Hong Qi brand and they hope to hit a high note once again with some more premium vehicles.

Plans for a Besturn B90 mid-level sedan are well underway, with the car planning to be launched in 2012 or 2013, whilst a mini car that is rumoured (although unlikely) to be based on the mark2 Jetta will launch in 2011 as well.

It is unknown when FAWs concept SUV from several years ago will hit the streets, production was initially slated to begin in 2009 but nothing has been heard since, it could be that FAW are pushing the SUV to the side to work on more effective small car programmes that so far have been popular in China.




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