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Feast Your Eyes on the Most Ludicrous Mustang Ever

Meet Muia, A True One-of-a-Kind

You will never see another Mustang quite like this. Its outrageous shape and Frankenstein mashup look nothing like the Mustangs Americans have come to know and love, and there is something unnerving about it. Now, before we get into the inevitable roast of this “interesting” build, keep in mind the body was made from hand-formed steel. It is actually very well done. The craftsmanship deserves an applaud, and it did start as a wrecked 2007 Ford Mustang that would have been scrap metal anyway.

Most of the body is in fact hand-formed steel. Even the grille was hand formed by the sheet metal fabricator who threw this little ditty together. Parts of the trunk, the roof, and the door skins are original to the Mustang which lays this vehicle’s foundation. Everything under the body, with the exception of some upgrades and repairs, is also original to the Stang. For an extra little kick, the taillights were taken from a 1989 Cadillac. The headlights came from a 2008 Lotus Elise, and probably should have stayed there.

Of course, luxury and speed are always top priorities. Remote door latches and all black leather interior almost make the car okay. Our beloved fabricator did not forget about spreading a little love under the engine, pairing the V6 with a Vortech V-3 Supercharger.

The original 2007 Mustang was involved in a wreck which damaged the driver’s side. Suspension components needed some work, and who knows if the frame is truly straight, but that’s another story. How it got the nickname of “MUIA”, we also may never know. It was recently listed for sale on Craigslist out of California for $5,995 with only 37,000 miles on the odometer. The posting read:

“2007 Ford Mustang with HAND FORMED STEEL BODY, except for the door skins and roof. Hand formed grille, 2008 Lotus Eliese headlights and 1989 Cadillac tail lights. Tilt up hood. Remote door latches. V-6 with a Vortech V-3 supercharger. Leather interior. Sat Radio”

The post has since expired, and the current location of the beast and its owner are unknown…


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