Ferrari 488 GTB Is The First Mid Engined Turbocharged Ferrari Since F40

Updated February 9, 2015

Maranello surprised us again. Even though we knew that they are going to present something rather special and impressive, the new 488 GTB that surfaced the web today clearly was not expected. Honestly, the whole motoring world thought that the new car will bear the name of 458 M (for modificazione – modification), however, the prancing horse presented the new car with the name 488 GTB and this is the first full fledged Ferrari car with mid turbocharged engine layout since the mighty Ferrari F40. Downsizing kicked hard at the Ferrari. First, they’ve introduced the modified California T with a three liter turbocharged engine and now the 488 GTB received the newest engine Ferrari developed, a 3.9 liter V8 with two turbochargers.


We recall that McLaren cars are powered with engine of similar displacement (3.8 liter V8) and they are producing up to 650 HP (we expect even more from the engine in the upcoming McLaren 675 LT). That said, Ferrari couldn’t allow for a UK based company to have more powerful engine in their entry level car. Therefore, the 3.9 liter V8 from Ferrari produces almost 670 HP and 560 lb ft of torque. To put that into perspective we have to mention that the older gen top notch Ferrari engines (from Enzo, 599 or even FF), did produce almost the same power figures. However, the engines in these monsters were V12 naturally aspirated beasts. Moreover, the engine in the new 488 GTB powers a car that is 45 pounds lighter than the 458 Italia. Now, that’s something. V12 engines are usually intended for the largest Ferrari vehicles and 488 GTB is not large. Actually, it is rather compact, but with the new aero package, nicely modified front and back as well as adaptive aerodynamic flaps, the Ferrari 488 GTB represents the best of the best of the Ferrari world.


Nicely sculpted sides with pronounced air intakes behind doors and accentuated skirts form a nice looking silhouette dominated by large wheels. Front end is similar to the one on the 458 Italia, but the lights are slightly different, while the front bumper openings can be lightly tempered with thanks to the active aerodynamic flaps. Back end received most notable changes. The lights received a modern LED touch, while the exhaust were stolen from the 458 Speciale. That said, there are not three exhaust tips at the end of the 488 GTB, only two.


According to Ferrari, two exhaust tips will be absolutely sufficient for producing a sound that is “distinctive, strong and full”. Actually, you can hear how this new 3.9 liter turbocharged unit sounds in the teaser video Ferrari released yesterday.


Apart from receiving a new engine and better looking exterior, the Ferrari 488 GTB features a slightly modified suspension now equipped with the second generation of the so called  Side Slip Angle Control system. Changes acted well on the 458 Italia (now obviously called the 488 GTB). Three seconds are needed for this monster of a car to hit 62 mph while the top speed is more than 205 mph. These figures are close to those of the Ferrari 458 Italia, however, Ferrari 488 GTB can accelerate to 125 mph in 8.3 seconds (second faster than 458 Italia) and it can round the Ferrari test track Fiorano in 1 minute and 23 seconds which is two seconds less than 458 Italia and Ferrari Enzo and one second less than 458 Speciale. Therefore, the 488 GTB might be the product that had to be made to ease up the angry faces of those in charge of saving the planet Earth, but the speed of the thing and the sheer drama of the car clearly is enough to make happy even those car geeks that do not want to move away from the purity of the naturally aspirated engines.



All in all, the Ferrari 488 GTB will not be underrated. It will be one of the fastest and most impressive vehicles that ever existed and we are sure, Ferrari will sell them in thousands.



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