Fight a Zombie Apocalypse In Class with the  Zombie Fighting Maybach Exelero  

Updated April 21, 2015


While an impending zombie apocalypse may be the last thing on your mind. Jordanian car enthusiast and designer Khaled Alkayed  has been contemplating this for a long time with transportation being one of his first thoughts. Going outside would be dangerous but one would still need to constantly get supplies. Khaled decided to tackle this problem by designing what  he thinks is the ultimate zombie conquering machine based off the Maybach Exelero. He calls it the Zombie fighting Maybach Exelero and we don’t disagree.


Body and Exterior:


Khaled had two points in mind when designing the car, one; keep the zombies the hell away and two; to make sure the car retains it’s sleek beauty and he nailed them both. The body of the car is fitted with a brand new bullet proof exterior, the doors have been bolted down with an added platform to jump in very quickly. With road conditions being horrendous and poorly maintained during a zombie apocalypse, the Zombie Fighting Maybach Exelero has been fitted with tank inspired tracks that should easily go over anything. In the event that any zombie tries to come at you, Khaled has equipped the car with guns that will easily shoot down targets. A brush guard has been added to help keep zombies off the car and on the likely change that you might need to run a few over.


Performance and Power:

Not much has changed from the original Maybach Exelero in terms of power and specs.  This zombie stopper will come with a V12, twin turbo engine that cranks out a massive 700 HP, with 750 lb-ft of toque. This much power in the car should easily get you past a flock of zombies when you are feeling outnumbered or do not want to fight. Top speed on the car should be around 200 mph. The curb weight of the Zombie Fighting Maybach Exelero is a little over 6,000 pounds after all the modifications are added (this is up from the 5,800 pounds of the original/unmodified vehicle).


At this point the idea of this car ever being released are probably close to nil, for one thing Maybach only ever released 1 Maybach Exelero and  we don’t see the zombie apocalypse being very likely. In any case if you really want to get the vehicle now, the price of the only Exelero on the market is 8 million and refitting it shouldn’t cost more than an extra few hundred thousand.




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