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Finding China Car Times

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Ive noticed that quite a few people are looking for this site via Google searching for China Car Times We presume youre looking for us as there is no other site named China Car Times!

We want to make finding China Car Times as easy as possible for you, and we do have a number of ways in which you can read our daily stories and find us as easy as possible.

RSS Feeds
Out RSS feed is located here, if you use an RSS reader like the aptly named RSS Reader or if you want you can make use of online RSS reader services (many of our readers already seem to do so) such as:

  1. Google Reader
  2. Netvibes
  3. The Chinese language service Zhuxia
  4. Newsgator
  5. Feedshow

Add us to your favorites

I never used to use favorites, I used to keep a fat mental list of all my favorite sites and useful pages. Eventually as the years went on my favorites bookmark list became mentally challenging. Instead, I started to use the very useful thing in my browser called favorites

In Internet Explorer, to add a page to your favorites right click any where on the page and scroll down to add to favorites click it and Bobs your mothers brother. China Car Times is in your favorites. To find China Car Times in your favorites click favorites on the top menu and scroll down to China Car Times and click on it, this will bring you to

Other browsers such as Firefox and Opera follow similar rules.

We hope you can find us more easily in the future!

Perhaps our commenters can recommend some other online newsreaders?



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