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Finding the Perfect Gifts for Your Car Loving Dad

Updated November 22, 2013

So, it’s Christmas time again, and once again you are faced with the inevitable yearly question: What can I get dad for Christmas? If your dad is the kind of guy who goes out and gets what he needs and wants and isn’t interested in much else, the prospect of buying him a Christmas present he will actually like and use is daunting.

It’s hard to know what dad would really enjoy. Half the time, mom doesn’t even know, and she’s the one who always picks out the perfect gifts.

If your father likes working on cars, however, here are three great gifts that dad is sure to enjoy.

1. Residential car lifts – If your dad loves working on his car and getting down and dirty underneath it, a residential car lift might be the perfect gift for him. Not only does it elevate a car for ease of maintenance of the undercarriage, but it also increases space in the garage area. Dad may never have thought of buying himself a car lift like the ones at the garage, but once he has it, he will likely get far more use out of it than he ever thought possible. He might even do your next oil change for free out of gratitude for the fact that he never has to crawl on the floor to get under his car again.

2. Customized tool shelving and storage – Like many car enthusiasts, your dad probably has a ton of tools, supplies and equipment cluttering up the garage, much to mom’s chagrin. A set of high quality custom shelves for his garage will help him keep his tools organized so he always knows where they are. This will also preserve the longevity of expensive tools and prevent small pieces of tool sets from being lost. Picking a storage unit set in dad’s favorite color — or one that matches his favorite car — is a great way to accessorize his favorite room of the house.

3. Garage flooring covers – If your dad is always in the garage working on cars, chances are good he has wound up making more than a few giant spots on the floor of the garage. Cleaning those spots up time after time can be annoying and time consuming. Fortunately, there are products available that can be used to cover a garage floor and safely guard it from motor oil, wiper fluid and other car related spills. These floor coverings can also be customized to feature special colors and patterns. If you are already going for some customized tool shelving and storage, a floor cover to match will help complete dad’s perfect garage.

Ken Mathers works with Quokka Garage Doors, selling quality garage doors in Perth, Australia. He likes coming up with unique garage-related gift ideas for his own father.



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