Firebird Plays Chicken With Ditch In Texan Drag Race

Published August 23, 2015

Drag racing can be a dangerous sport, especially when a Firebird tries to hide in the bushes.

It happened a Dig Night in Houston Texas. It’s a drag event that is hosted by Stance Autoworks. All was well and fine until the two cars in this heat get going. They both sound incredibly lumpy, and there’s no doubt a massive amount of horsepower bridled in these two cars.


Both cars successfully complete their burnout, and back up to the starting line. When they are given the go-ahead signal (flashlight) they are off. Immediately the Firebird breaks loose, and goes all squirrelly all over the track. It only takes about two seconds from when the race begins to when the Firebird plants itself in the bushes on the opposite side of the track.

It looks like the driver is okay,  although shaken up.

As usual, there is no guarantee of making it to the checkered flag in any race, even in a 4 second sprint. This guy found out the hard way.

firebirdfirebird 2



Calvin Escobar
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