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bugatti chiron first in the us

First Bugatti Chiron Ordered In The US Already At The Auction Block

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Updated December 2, 2017

I wrote about the first Bugatti Chiron in the US only months ago. Now, the RM Sotheby’s is auctioning the Chiron they say was the first ordered by a US customer. It is not the one I was writing about. However, it’s equally amazing.

bugatti chiron first in the us

Offering a brand new unregistered Bugatti Chiron with factory fresh 250 miles on the clock RM Sotheby’s obviously look to attract younger buyers to the bidding wars of the highest magnitude. New millionaires aren’t that into old machines they were selling for hefty sums all the time. So, the Chiron should do the trick. No, it will do the trick as this is possibly the most astonishing piece of car technology ever devised by humanity.

That first Chiron on the US soil sported quite an alluring two-tone paint job with yellow and black. Speaking of the bumble bee. That was it. Unlike the first one on the US soil, the first ordered does not feel that ostentatious. While the red accents most certainly feel special, the car is finished in black. It definitely looks fantastic with red accents, and dare I say, it feels classy and sophisticated compared with the bumblebee one. That’s only me, though.

bugatti chiron first in the us

Nevertheless, all of those 250 miles this Chiron actually covered were a part of the official testing procedure every new Chiron has to pass. After all, Bugatti engineers and officials have to be persuaded that everything about the car they are going to deliver is as good as humanly can be.

The Price? More Millions than you can imagine for the Bugatti Chiron

Considering only 500 units will ever be produced (with more than half already sold), the opportunity to pick up a Chiron at any price is rare and quite amazing.

bugatti chiron first in the us

As I touched upon the price, let’s talk about it a bit. See, that first US Bugatti Chiron was priced at 2.998 million. A lot of money. I am not sure about the official price for the one hitting the auction block, but for the sake of the article, let’s say it’s a three mil Chiron.

If you still wonder why would anyone auction a new car bought only months ago, the estimated price of the auctioned Chiron will clear your mind. See, RM Sotheby’s experts estimated this unit will fetch a price of $3.5 to $4 million. Half a mil or a mil is a good enough reason to sell it in my book.

This was the first one in the US:

Bugatti Chiron US


Apart from the car itself, the future buyer will get an extended warranty, a 1:8-scale Amalgam model (with ugly US bumpers), a quick owner’s reference guide, aluminum Bugatti crate with a leather box and an extra key, speed key, flash drive, as well as the owner’s manuals, car cover, and trickle charger.

Obviously, it is a modern car. RM Sothesby’s Ian Kelleher said: “The modern supercars and hypercars appeal to a younger demographic. They appeal to an audience who has an appreciation for modern technology.”

Hard to be more modern than a Chiron.


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