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Five 2012 Hatchbacks Under $40K

Updated September 28, 2013

There are a variety of subcompacts and hatchbacks available in the car industry today, but the top 2012 five hatchbacks available with a price tag underneath $40,000 also have a number of features that keep these cars selling. The particular selling aspects include maneuverability, overall rating score, crash ratings from the insurance industry testing agency, and fuel economy.

Ford Focus 5-door Hatchback

Believe it or not, a U.S. compact is topping the hatchback list for 2012. The 2012 Ford Focus provides a five-door access vehicle that starts with an MSRP just under $19,000. Over a five-year period, the car scores very low on maintenance cost as well as repair issues. Fuel efficiency and mileage per tank score very high as well, even with city driving. For additional handling benefit, the car comes with a five-speed transmission for easy gear-changing.

Ford Focus 5 Door Hatchback
Ford Fiesta Hatchback

Ford didn’t finish with the Focus. It also maintains a lot of hatchback popularity with the Fiesta. Slightly cheaper at just under $18,300, the Fiesta has very efficient fuel consumption and masters the stop-and-go gas consumption other cars suffer from in city driving. On the highway, the fuel efficiency increases to 38 mpg. However, the Fiesta lacks a bit in the engine management department, being sold with a stock front-wheel drive and standard automatic transmission.

Ford Fiesta Hatchback


Scion iQ

The iQ grabs the budget-minded teen and young drivers with a very affordable price tag of $16,000. However, maintenance costs seem to be a bit higher on the Scion model, hitting about $17,000 more over five years than other brands. On the flip side, gas mileage and fuel efficiency are on the high end. Similar to the Fiesta, however, the iQ comes with a standard front-wheel drive automatic transmission for somewhat boring engine control.

Scion IQ
The Mini Clubman

The Mini charges a bit more than other hatchbacks, almost reach $22,000. In terms of maintenance, this hatchback also has a higher price tag over five years, raising total cost another $22,000 after purchase. That said, it makes up for losses with great fuel efficiency and a snappy six-speed transmission control for higher flexibility on the road.

The Mini Clubman
Volkswagen Golf TDI Diesel

The Germans still get mention with the Gold TDI, selling just under $25,000. The car comes with good fuel efficiency and mileage for the gas bought. Like all German vehicles with decent design, the transmission is a proper stick shift matched by a six-speed transmission and control under the engine with front-wheel drive.

Volkswagen Golf TDI Diesel


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