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Aston Martin Gauntlet Concept

Five of the Hottest European Designs

Published August 5, 2012

Aston Martin Gauntlet ConceptIn this day, and age automobiles play a major role in our everyday lives. Cars, and trucks take us to and from work, they bring the essential ingredients that make the food we eat. Hell, automobiles even moved, transported, hauled, and sometimes assemble everything that is around us. So who do we thank for this? Where do we look, to find the person whose hand we would need to shake, and then thank them for all of this? I say we should look to the designers. Designers spend hours, days, weeks, months, & even years sketching out brilliant works of art, that will hopefully be turned into a real life moving vehicle. This segment will highlight five of the hottest European designs, that have either made it to working 12-2 Bugatti Streamlineconcept, or 3D rendering.

First off is Aston Martin’s Gauntlet. Building on the smooth lines of the Vantage, Virage, and the brand new One-77, designer Ugur Sahin took the all so familiar body style, and found a way to smooth it out even further. With its high wheel arches, and almost seamless contours, the Gauntlet is flying when it’s standing still. The Gauntlet was the test bed, so to speak for the whole wide mouth full of teeth look, and with the slender snake like, eyes, and almost nonexistent side mirrors, this car takes the term beautifully evil to a whole new level.

Burton Kit Car ElementzNext on the list, is an all to familiar, and expensive name. The Bugatti 12-2 Streamline. A design team by the name of Racer X, brought forth this awesome design. It was meant to showcase how a VW V12 Twin Turbo could become something of greatness. It had the familiar body style of the Veyron, but was a little more curvy. As if? But yes, the Bugatti 12-2 Streamline, lived up to its name, with its extremely soft curves, bulgy wheel arches, and canopy style roof line. Eat your heart out Speed Racer.

In the third spot, we have the Burton Elementz Concept. Rob Wolkers was the man behind the pen on this vehicle. The Elementz was created off of the Citroen 2CV platform. It was Joop Donkervoort's GTO D8designed for open air spirited driving, it’s just too bad that Rob, or Citroen didn’t follow through with this one. It would have been, or could have been the next Ariel Atom.

In keeping with the European theme, we find the Donkervoort GTO D8. An odd name for such a stunningly awesome looking vehicle. Joop Donkervoort invested 30 years of his life looking for ways to perfect the art of racing. In this ideology the GTO D8 was not only designed, but actually came to fruition. Using an Audi 2.5L R5 engine to motivate the custom chassis, this lightweight street fighter has been steadily making a name for itself, amongst the ultra powered Supercars that have been running the streets as of late.

Morgan EvaGTAnd bringing up the rear for today’s segment is Morgan, with its amazingly styled Eva GT. The 2013 Morgan Eva GT has the looks of old world curves, and new school power, and style. The designers at Morgan went with a completely modern twist on the Eva GT, no wooden frames on this one. Aluminum spot welded frame work encases a BMW Inline Six cylinder motor, coupled with Morgan’s Aero SuperSports design, the Eva GT races to 60mph in about 4.5 seconds. Future speculations state that, with further tinkering this 2013 Morgan Eva GT will be able to achieve 40mpg. Which by any means, is unheard of in a sports car.

There are countless designs that have gone past the drawing boards, while others remain as wall hangings on some kid’s bedroom wall. Either way when we all drool in awe over the next hot automotive design, at a car show, just know that it wouldn’t have come to be without the designer behind the pen.    


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