Five Things You Can Do to Prevent Car Theft

Updated November 23, 2013

Car theft, unfortunately, is a fact of life. Though there are some vehicles that are statistically more likely to be stolen that others, any car can be vulnerable to theft given the right circumstances. In fact, in up to 50% of the cases, the theft of a vehicle is due to driver error. In order to prevent the theft of a car, it is important to follow the ten tips below.

1. Even if an area or neighborhood is felt to be safe, or has a safe reputation, it is important to ensure that the vehicle is fully secured upon leaving it. This means the doors should all be closed as well as locked. This includes rear hatch doors that sometimes require an extra key or click on the remote.


2. Although the driver might be gone only for a short amount of time, the keys to the vehicle should always be removed and taken with them.


3. Leaving a running car unattended is simply asking for a car thief to jump in and make off with it. Doing so will be an open invitation that will likely lead to the theft of the car sooner rather than later.


4. Before leaving the car, the driver should ensure that all windows are fully closed. A clothes hanger or an arm that is slender can easily reach into even the narrowest of openings and unlock the door.


5. Refrain from storing valuables or electronics in the vehicle. It is best that the driver take such items with them upon leaving the vehicle. If this is not possible or desirable, they should be hidden very well inside the vehicle so they are not visible from any of the windows.


6. If possible, it is best to park the car in a secure garage or an area that is well lit. This can help deter any thieves that might want to refrain from such activity under lights.


7. When parking, the parking brake should be engaged, and the wheels of the car should be turned toward the curb. This can help make the car more difficult to tow away.


8. While it can be convenient to do so, refrain from leaving either the title in the vehicle as this gives thieves valuable information that can be copied. Even the registration should not be left in the glove compartment of the vehicle. It is best to store the registration in the purse or wallet of the driver.


9. In some permanent fashion, put the name, or other identifying information, of the driver inside the door of the car. This information can help police correctly identify the car in the event that it is recovered.


10. A device designed for anti-theft, such as a radio frequency tracker or a GPS, can also be used as an extra measure of security to help prevent the theft of the car.


In order to recover from the loss experienced by the theft of a car, it is important to have an adequate amount of insurance. Free insurance quotes tailored to each region of the United States are available at AutoInsurance.US.


Richard Ackerman is a car enthusiast with a background in insurance. He enjoys writing articles on a wide range of subjects to do with motoring. His articles mainly appear on auto-related blogs.



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