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Flashy Cars: How Much Is Too Much?

Updated September 28, 2013

If, how you dress or the car you drive says a lot about you, there are many big statements made across the UK. There was a time when new silver cars were outnumbering all other new car colours in the country or at least, that is how it seemed. Things have reverted to pre-silver madness, with mostly prestige car manufacturers like Mercedes and Jaguar selling more silver models than any other colour in their range. People seem to have realised that there are ways to make any car feel a little more exclusive.

Money Talks, Wealth Whispers

There is a saying amongst investment professionals that states, money talks and wealth whispers.

A typical boy racer may spend a higher percentage of his income on upgraded parts or custom add-ons, but taste (that sometimes changes with age) in cars can differ from person to person. Nothing can put a smile on a driver’s face like that ‘new car’ feeling. Placing a whale fin spoiler and super-loud exhaust on the rear of the car will do little to increase street credibility of drivers over the age of 23. Rather than commit sacrilege by defacing your vehicle, it is wiser to be understated when customising your prized possession.

Quietly Smug, Mirror and Rug

In reality, if you purchase a nice car there are few aftermarket styling options that improve the factory finished look. Most individuals that opt for flashy knobs and gearstick covers as accessories are generally trying to give cars of a certain age a new feel. Other customers are people who actually need a new gear stick cover or a replacement switch. It is hard to imagine someone with a reasonably new or prestige car, swinging a pair of fluffy dice from their rear view mirror. Stranger things have happened, but anyone who has a little respect for their car (and their image), will find better ways to make little improvements.

There are custom styling enthusiasts who spend an extortionate amount of money turning their car into a bespoke masterpiece, but those people see styling as a way of life. An occasional spray of ‘Back to Black’ and a new rug is as much many people ever do to get the feeling of a new car once again.

A Little Bit of Elbow Grease

There are not many things that can replace elbow grease (hard work), when it comes to making your car look and feel good. Even the most shocking of cars looks better after a good clean and I know people believe that some things, should never be polished, all cars should get the treatment occasionally. If you intend to sell your car or you are driving around looking at new cars, always make sure your car is clean. Garages always ask the whether or not you will be part ex-ing your old car and driving something that looks as though it has been looked after will help a lot when the garage or buyer makes an offer.

Style Add-ons are Rarely Keepers

Some additions to a car are good enough to transfer from vehicle to vehicle, but there are many add-ons, which are better left when you trade in your car. Changing from a Ford to a Vauxhall or Mercedes to a BMW is going to mean leaving many things behind. If you have gone through the boy racer stage and you have cut out huge holes in your rear shelf for speakers leave them behind when you change cars. Anything, which made a mess of your old car, is likely to do the same with your new one.

There is little point in taking your mats from one car to the other because they have different floor plans. In fact, it can be dangerous to drive with the wrong mats in place because they will have a tendency to creep towards your pedals. As a rule, if you drive a BMW, you should use BMW car mats and a Mercedes should have Mercedes mats.



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